Marco Marazia Banca Widiba Customer Reviews

Banca Widiba: Banking on Reviews, Customer Empowerment

In my video interview, Marco Marazia – Banca Widiba’s !’s Head of Business and Offers talks us through their focus on empowering the customer via transparency.  EFMA Distribution Summit 2015.

Marco Marazia Banca Widiba Customer ReviewsIn March 2015, I was delighted to deliver my 10th speaking engagement for the European Financial Marketing Association (EFMA) as part of the Digital Banking and Social Media stream of their EFMA Distribution Summit 2015 in Barcelona.

As usual, I met some fantastic banking innovation professionals, thought leaders and senior executives with a digital mind including Marco Marazia – Head of Business and Offer at Banca Widiba.

I’ve known Marco for quite a long time back when he was working for another forward thinking direct bank in Italy, Webank where he launched a number of digital and social media initiatives including the WePad project.

Banca Widiba: Banking on Reviews and Customer Empowerment

In this short extract from my 25-minute video interview, Marco talks us through Banca Widiba’s commitment to be transparent and drive customer engagement on their website.

I invite you to watch my other video interviews on digital banking and social media with Banca Widiba’s Marco Marazia and a few other key speakers from the EFMA Distribution Summit 2015.

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