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Westpac Banking Customer Gives 6/10 to NAB’s Facebook Page

In her first guest article, Melissa – a real banking customer from Australia – shares her views on NAB’s main facebook page.  She gave the Australian bank’s social media asset -that she found slightly confusing- a 6 out of 10.  But it is not all negative.

NAB National Australia Bank Facebook PageIn March 2012, I announced the launch of the ‘Voice of the Customer’ series on

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In his article, Melissa shares his feedback on NAB’s main facebook page (over 80,000 likes as of today).


My personal rating of the National Australia Banks social media banking page is a six out of ten. The things I liked best about the page are the informative posts that supplied necessary information to customers and the fact that the representative on the page does frequently respond to complaints and attempt to rectify problem situations. I would improve the page by making fewer non bank issue related posts and changing the facebook timeline page header to something more easily understandable. I would also perhaps attempt to solve some of the easy to attend to complaints on the wall rather than via a private message. I think this would reinforce the strategy statement that the bank has on their homepage.

The headline on the about me page of the National Australia Bank is a quote from their Group Chief Executive Officer Cameron Clyne. It simply states that “Our strategy is built around putting our customers at the centre of everything we do and helping them realise their full potential.” This speaks of positive customer engagement and gives the impression that the National Australia Bank strives to help their customers every step of the way. Keeping this in mind I look at the social media banking activities of the NAB in the form of their facebook page and expect to see a good level of positive customer engagement.

My first impression of the page is one of slight confusion, I have no idea why there is a picture of a man in a suit running on a beach holding a flotation device. Perhaps they sponsor the Surf Life Savers? The next thing I look at is the text beside the picture on the facebook banking page. The text is in large white letters on a red background and it reads “GRAND FINAL DAY COMMITMENTS? HANDBALL THEM TO A NAB STAND IN” Once again, I have no clue what this means, I assume that the reference to Grand Final Day is somehow about football, but other than that it makes no sense to me. Once again I am left to assume and I think that perhaps it is an attempt at customer engagement, or perhaps they sponsor a football team.

The social media page of the National Australia Bank has 69,355 likes. I scroll down the page to the wall looking for evidence of the professed strategy as contained in the quote from the Group Chief Executive Officer. On the left hand side I see a post made by the page it is a link and the text says “Send cash overseas? Want to win stuff? Stay Tuned…” 17 people have liked the post and there are no comments. The post was made five hours previously and 17 likes out of 69,355 doesn’t seem to me like a very high level of engagement. On the right hand side of the page however, there are many wall posts that have been made by users who appear to be customers. As far as I can tell they are all complaints from people who feel they have not been afforded very good customer service. The person who runs the social media banking page representing the NAB has commented on many of the posts apologising for the bad experiences and requesting that the customers send a private message so that they can be given assistance.

The posts by the page that appear to have the most responses are informative posts made about five days previously. The posts refer to the internet banking service of the National Australia bank, which was not online because of technical difficulties. There are apologies for any inconvenience caused by the issue and updates about when service will be returned to normal. As I scroll further down I see graphs about retail spending growth that have inspired minimal customer engagement and a post about some kind of affiliation the bank has with the popular reality television show “Big Brother” there are a lot of likes on the post and some comments. I suspect that the feedback on this post has more to do with the aforementioned television show than the bank.

Conclusion: 6/10 – “Not A Successful Page”
I do not feel that the page is a particularly successful one. I am however of the opinion that the bank representative who is running the page is doing a good job. By responding to the customer complaints posted on the page by requesting a private conversation rather than attempting to converse in public, the complaints appear to have been solved, even though the outcomes are not visible. Personally, the television show and sporting posts would annoy me if I was a follower of the page on facebook. I would probably unlike the page. I understand that this is of course an attempt at engaging customers, but if I wanted to here about football I would follow a football page not a social media banking page.

I would rate this page as a six out of ten. There are only two reasons that I did not decide to rate it lower. The first is that the representative handles the page very well and the second is that the updates about the problem with internet banking were informative and would have been helpful to customers who visited the page in order to find out what was happening that day. Overall I am less likely to consider banking with The National Australia Bank than I was prior to visiting this page. I have never waited on the phone for three hours when I have called my bank, nor have I ever experienced any issues with my internet banking service. I talk to bank on the phone when necessary and I use internet banking often, so the amount of complaints I see about these two issues is a deterrent.

More on the Author: Melissa (Australia)
I am from Queensland and I do all of my banking online with Westpac .. so probably a couple of times a week. I really enjoyed writing it, would be happy to do more.


Have you checked out the NAB page on facebook?  How would you rate the quality of content and social interactions with NAB’s social media team?  Did their facebook presence have a positive impact on your perception of the bank?  Or a negative impact like Melissa?  Any impact at all?

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Written by a Real Customer

The Visible Banking Team uses this account to post articles from real banking or insurance customers. No social media gurus. Just real customers who share an honest and transparent feedback (positive or negative).

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