Visible Banking Twitter Watch #8 – 92,152 followers / 375 financial institutions / 22 countries


Logo-TwitterI started to identify and track the financial institutions on twitter since 15 March 2009.

It is a work in progress, so please do not hesitate to flag any missing initiatives!

On regular basis, I will post some statistics and insights to understand how banks are leveraging twitter. I will do my best to spot the hits and misses, the best practices, as well as the most innovative initiatives.

The Visible Banking Twitter Watch Series’ goal is to provide some of the best insights on twitter in banking and financial services
On the internet, there is no such thing as ‘ the most comprehensive or the best list’. New social media initiatives are launched every day and it is easy for anyone to copy somebody else’s list and add a couple of initiatives to claim the title back. Even though listings are valuable, I believe the value lies in sharing your insights, your comments, your expertise with your readers.

There is several other great efforts from my fellow social media advocates in the blogosphere. I believe more in joining forces and promoting each other’s passionate work. In the ‘VB – Comments’ section you will find a list of awesome resources on twitter in banking and financial services.

Introducing three other ‘Visible Banking Watch’ Series: facebook, youtube and blogs
It has been a long time I wanted to create and maintain some comprehensive dashboards to keep track of the banks and the financial institutions presence on the most popular social media sites. Since March, I have consistently shared with you some stats on twitter.
In the next few weeks, I will introduce similar updates on facebook pages, youtube channels and blogs. Stay tuned!

VB – Twitter Statistics
Currently, I track 375 twitter accounts from banks (123), central banks (4), credit unions (222), credit card issuers (7), insurance companies (18) and tax specialists (1).

Please find below some stats (between 25-May & 1-Jun / stats collected on 1st of June around 7pm GMT +1)
* Followers of FIs:  25,260 (new*) / 92,152 (total) / 247 (average)
* Updates from FIs:  9,393 (new*) / 40,424 (total) / 111 (average)
* Top 5 FIs – Most Followed: @SomersetMtg (7,642),  @Wachovia (3,855),@INGDIRECT (3,275), @usaa_news (3,190), @HRBlock (2,920).
-> 108 FIs (+31) have 200+ followers and 40 FIs (+11) have 500+ followers.
* The 1,000+ Follower Club: 17 FIs (+3) have 1,000+ followers,@usaa_news joined @INGDIRECT and @Wachovia in the exclusive 3,000+ follower club.
* Top 3 FIs – Most Active:
 @rabowielrennen (58 updates),@Ask_WellsFargo (51 updates), @UBank (45 updates)@Ideablob (42 updates), @CEO_INGDIRECT (42 updates).
* Restricted tweets: 10
* Inactive accounts: 104 FIs have only sent 5 updates or less, 28 haven’t started to communicate yet.
* Offline: it may be a technical glitch, but it looks like @HOULTONFCU and@allianz24at are both offline (but still listed in twitter search with respectively 18 and 495 followers). Last month ANZ decided to close their ex-CEO’s twitter account @ANZozCEO (still listed with 441 followers).
* Unofficial: I am currently in the process of flagging in my list all the suspicious twitter accounts with no description at all, no logo or just an url (30 accounts flagged so far)

* Now that I have a comprehensive list of FIs, I don’t expect to have to add such large numbers of accounts in one go. Those numbers should start making more sense from next week.  

VB – Comments
* Other awesome twitter lists: Jim Bruene’s Banks and Credit Unions on Twitter on Netbanker , Roger Conant’s comprehensive list of credit unions on @CUTweetTrack, Sonya J Mills’ list of community banks on@CommunityBanks, Boris’ Social Media: Deutsche Banken im Twitter Kurz Test on Electrouncle, and Jeffry Pilcher’s Twitter Financial Directory on FinancialBrand.
* Followers: 267 more people (+12.6%) are following @BofA_Help, 249 more people (+8.5%) for @usaa_news and 184 more people (+6%) for@INGDIRECT.
This week’s top 10 fastest growing FIs grossed a modest 1,494 new followers. Last week’s top 3 (@SomersetMtg@UBank and@ANZMoneyManager) bagged 2,101 new followers on its own. This week the same three FIs lost 18 followers overall due to @SomersetMtg whichlost 137 followers (confirmed on twittercounter). Does anyone want to try to explain this reverse of trend?
And well done to @CCollegiateFCU and Commonwealth Bank’s@YMoneyMatters which increased their follower base by respectively+217% and +104%.
* Following: @SomersetMtg added a massive 1,922 web friends last week. In the same period @ANZMoneyManager added 385 web friends.
The following FI stopped following a few twitterati: 66 Fed Credit Union, Allianz Versicherung, Fidelity Bank, KU Credit Union, UMB Financial Corp, usaa_news and Wachovia.
* Updates: 70 FIs haven’t sent any updates since VBTW #7.

@Visible_Banking on Twitter / Followers 131-150

VB-Twitter-402FansIn addition toVisible-Banking.comthe Visible Banking Page on Facebook, thanks for following me on Twitter. I am glad to announce that@Visible_Banking has 402 followers so far.

Thank you all for engaging with me on this exciting platform, and spreading the word around you!

Please find below my followers 131-150 (listed by chronological order):
131. johanderson (Norway): Johnny Anderson, Information Manager at Skandiabanken
132. kimariematthews (US): Kimarie Matthews, Vice President, Customer Loyalty & Social Web at Wells Fargo Bank
133. _kewo (Australia)
134. JonasPK (US): Paul Jonas, Web Communications Specialist at Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota
135. christoph (US): Christoph  Schmaltz, Director of Business Development at Headshift
136. anzmoneymanager (Australia)
137. michifellner
138. UBank (Australia)
139. MegPope
140. NicoleJLeBlanc (US): Nicole LeBlanc, Account Executive at BlissPR
141. aaron116 (US): Aaron Friedman, IT and eBusiness Consultant at INQUIRETECH
142. gpasley (US): George Pasley, E-Commerce Developer at First Federal
143. victormartin (Italy): Victor Martin Garcia
144. afi_innovacion (Spain)
145. rannyrosen (Israel): Ran Rosenzweig, Content Manager at Bank Hapoalim 
146. plybekk (Norway): Preben Lybekk
147. pamisano (US)
148. joeyoung (US): Joe Young
149. dr_rick (UK): Rick Robinson, IT Architect, Web 2.0 Technologist at IBM
150. sarahgreasley (UK): Sarah Greasley, Industry Technical Leader at IBM

VB Twitter Watch: 375 twitter accounts tracked so far
Since Visible Banking Twitter Watch #7, I have added 217 twitter accountsto the list: 1st State Bank, FivePoint CU, Addison Avenue, Advance Savings CU, aegonbank, America First CU, Alamo FCU, Allegacy, Allegiance CU, AllianceCUjobs, allianz_de, AllianzLife, allstate, ALOHAFCU, Alpine CU, Alternatives FCU, AmBank Utah, amcore_bank, American Lake CU, America’s CU, AmeriChoice FCU
AMOCO FCU – EarnorBurn, AMOCO FCU, A+FCU, Apple FCU, ASECU, Associated CU, Alabama Telco CU, ATL CU, Austin Telco FCU, AXA_Insurance, AZ_Knowledge, AZCentralCU, bancobrasil, Banco de Guatemala, First American Bank, Bank of the S.W., Banco de México, Barclaycard, barclaysjobs, BarclaysWealth, bbvacompass, Bishopstown CU, Bragg Mutual FCU, BMI Federal CU, BevNatBank Online, BOQonline, Border FCU, Bossier Federal CU, Brewer FCU, Tinker Federal CU, Byron Bank, Carter Federal CU, ccutech, CDCCreditUnion, Century Federal CU, Community First Bank, CFCU, Churches CU, Citizens Bank ArdOK, City CU, Class Act FCU, Clear Mountain Bank, Clearpath FCU, Coastal FCU, CODE Credit Union, colorado bank, Colorado United CU, United Communities CU, Community CU, Community Savings, Connexus CU, Credit Union of Ohio, Credit Unions of BC, CU of the Rockies, Denver Community CU, Directions CU, Eaton Family CU, Educational C CU, Family Savings FCU, Finance Center FCU, firstclasscu, First Federal, First Federal Bank FL, First GREEN Bank, First Market Bank, First National Bank, First Tech CU, FME CU, FNB Berryville, FNBMWC / First Natl Bank MWC, fnbodirect, Forest Park FCU, FosterBank, Founders Bank, Garden City Bank, Gulf Coast Educators, GECUSavingsChallenge, Genisys CU, Georgia Federal CU, GA-FL UMethodist FCU, GH CU, GlenviewCU / Glenview CU, Amplify Austin, Grow Financial Federal CU, Tech CU, Hannaford Assoc. FCU, Hawaii State FCU, Highmark FCU, Hopewell Federal CU, Idaho Advantage, iDude Luvs Richmond by Call FCU, Illinois CU League, IncentaFCU, ING_CompareMe, Island Savings, ITT Employees’ FCU, Kohler CU, KeyPointCU, kotakcards, Knoxville TVA Emp CU, Second Federal, LCRA CU, lee_bank, Lake Michigan CU, Matador CU, Mayo CU, Members CU, MetLife_Seattle, Metro 1 CU, Michigan First CU, MICreditUnions, Middleton Bank, MITFCU, Mobiloil FCU, Monarch Bank, MountainOneFP, MtLehman CU, CU CU, MAX Community, North American Bank, NBTA CU, Nevada Federal CU, Navy Federal CU, NittanyBank, North Shore Bank, NUFCU, numerica, NW GA CU, Northwest Savings Bank, OK Emp. CU, Ohio Valley Bank, Oklahoma Central CU, ORNL FCU, Ossian State Bank, Pacific Service CU, Park Community FCU, Partners FCU, PCCU / People’s FCU, PCUA / PA CU, Purdue Employees FCU, Petplan, Piedmont CU, Pinellas FCU, PNCVWallet, Powerco CU, PremierBank, Professional Bank, Provident CU, PSCU, Purina CU, QualstarCU, r1cu, raibalustenau, LRRCU, Rivers Edge CCU, Robins Federal CU, SCCCU, USFirst Credit Union, Service CU, servicefirstfcu, ServusCU, Seven Seventeen CU, Shell FCU’s iLife, SharePoint CU, SIU CU, smcu / San Mateo CU, Spectrum CU, Royal Bank America, SRFCU, SS Fed CU, Star Choice CU, StateFarmIns, stcu, Sterling Bank, StJohnDallasFCU, Superior CU, SVFCU, Southwest 66 CU, Taupa Lithuanian CU, Total Community CU, TDECU – YoungFreeTexas, TDECU, Team One CU, The Southern Fed CU, Tobyhanna FCU, tri_verity / Verity HR, Triangle CU, Members First CU, tvfcu, TwinStar CU, TXCreditUnion League, Union Bank & Trust, UCF FCU, Umpqua Bank, University CU, USSCO FCU, Utah First CU, uturnchallenge, Valley CU, WA Federal Savings, Westpac – stgeorgecareers, Winthrop Federal CU, Winthrop FCU, Wright-Patt CU, YES_CU_Blog, Your Community Bank.

Please note that the list below may contain a few duplicates.

To check the full list of financial institutions on twitter (work in progress) and to find out more about social media in banking and financial services I invite you to check, and contribute to, my SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTORY. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

Currently, Christophe is advising a number of fintech startups on marketing and growth hacking and he is the Chief Marketing Officer of The Fintech Power 50, an exclusive annual programme helping fintech scale-ups to accelerate their growth globally.

Christophe's views on are his own.

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