Visible Banking Twitter Watch #10 – 109,333 followers / 416 financial institutions / 22 countries


Logo-TwitterI started to identify and track the financial institutions on twitter since 15 March 2009.

It is a work in progress, so please do not hesitate to flag any missing initiatives!

On regular basis, I will post some statistics and insights to understand how banks are leveraging twitter. I will do my best to spot the hits and misses, the best practices, as well as the most innovative initiatives.

When I am not on an international business trip, I usually make sure to post my VBTW update in the middle of the week. This week, I was home (in London) but I was invited to speak at two excellent events on social media, banking and digital marketing which explains why I am posting my 10th update only today. All the stats are from 15th June.

Summary – VBTW#10
I am tracking now well over 400 Financial Institutions. I would like to thank@CUTweetTrack and @CommunityBanks for their excellent work tracking credit unions and community banks on twitter.
Overall, it was a slightly better week with the top 10 fastest growing FIs adding 1,756 new followers compared to 1,272 new followers the week before. Well done to @INGDIRECT and @Wachovia for breaking the 4,000 follower mark and @HRBlock for breaking the 3,000 follower mark, and@StateFarmIns for breaking the 2,000 mark.
Congrats to @Buergschaft (created on 2nd June 2009) which was one of the most active FIs on Twitter in terms of new followers, updates sent and new web friends.

Twitter Statistics
Currently, I track 416 twitter accounts: 137 banks (+2), 4 central banks, 246 credit unions (+15), 7 credit card issuers, 20 insurance companies, and 3 (+1) others financial institutions.

Please find below some stats (between 8-15 June / stats collected on 15th June around 1pm GMT +1)
* Followers of FIs: 9,876 (new) / 109,333 (total) / 266 (average)
* Updates from FIs: 2,428 (new) / 45,098 (total) / 112 (average)
* Top 5 FIs – Most Followed: @SomersetMtg (7,615),  @Wachovia (4,079),@INGDIRECT (4,022), @usaa_news (3,701), @HRBlock (3,034).
-> 117 FIs (+11) have 200+ followers of which 41 (+1) have 500+ followers.
* The 1,000+ Follower Club: 21 FIs (+1) have 1,000+ followers, welcome to@etradebaby!
* Top 3 FIs – Most Active: 
4 FIs have sent over 50 updates since VBTW #9.@glsbank (83 updates), @Buergschaft (68 updates), @GHCU (56 updates) and @Ask_WellsFargo (51 updates).
* Restricted tweets: still 10 accounts
* Inactive accounts: 150 FIs (+5) haven’t sent any updates since VBTW #9.
* Offline: it looks like @ohionational@SusquehannaBank and@QualstarCU joined the list of offline accounts. I believe @Chasebank has been suspended due to strange activity.
* Unofficial: in progress. I am still in the process of flagging in my list all the suspicious twitter accounts with no description at all, no logo or just an url.
VB – Comments

* Followers
-> Only 7 financial institutions added 100 followers or more since my last VBTW: 367 more people (+10%) are following @INGDIRECT, 323 more followers (+9.6%) for @usaa_news, 171 more followers (9%) for@StateFarmIns, 168 more followers (204.9%) for @Buergschaft, 164 more people (204.9%) for @kotakcards, 123 more people (+3.1%) for@Wachovia, and 101 new followers (+3.8%) for @ideablob.
-> Just three FIs lost a handful of followers.
-> And well done to @Interpolis and @Buergschaft which significantly increased their follower base by respectively 337.5% and 204.9%.
* Following
-> @Buergschaft is topping the chart this time with 396 new web friends. Then comes @GECUSvngsChllng with 260 new web friends and@kotakcards with 256 new web friends.  
-> In the meantime, 22 FIs stopped following at least 1 web friend. It looks like @ANZMoneyManager stopped following 446 people and @elfcustopped following 50 people. Maybe a bug on twitter?
* Updates
Poor activity. 283 FIs have only sent 5 updates or less since VBTW #9. 28 haven’t started to communicate yet since creating their account. On the positive side, this could also mean those financial institutions understood the importance of registering your name and are still assessing how to leverage micro-blogging. A bit like Wells Fargo did in the last couple of years.
* Other awesome twitter lists
Jim Bruene’s Banks and Credit Unions on Twitter on Netbanker, Roger Conant’s comprehensive list of credit unions on @CUTweetTrack, Sonya J Mills’ list of community banks on @CommunityBanks, Boris’ Social Media: Deutsche Banken im Twitter Kurz Test on Electrouncle, and Jeffry Pilcher’sTwitter Financial Directory on FinancialBrand.

@Visible_Banking on Twitter / Followers 171-190

VB-Twitter-498FollowersIn addition toVisible-Banking.comthe Visible Banking Page on Facebook, thanks for following me on Twitter. I am glad to announce that@Visible_Banking has 498 followers so far.

Thank you all for engaging with me on this exciting platform, and spreading the word around you!

Please find below my followers 171-190 (listed by chronological order):
171. 00surly (US):
172. seanharper (US): Sean Harper
173. westerwk (Netherlands): Kim Westerweel
174. Altantuya: Altantuya Shaariibuu
175. JoanLufting (Netherlands): Joan Lufting
176. DavidGurteen (UK): David Gurteen
177. RODIEN (Netherlands): Rodien de Maar
178. Mavadi (Germany): Marcel van Dijken
179. EwoutWolff (Netherlands): Ewout Wolff
180. treehousei (US): Chris Frank
181. digicmb (Netherlands): Guus van den Brekel
182. 154Consulting
183. marketingfacts
 (Netherlands): Marco Derksen
184. RoyDuf (Netherlands): Roy Duffels
185. rvandenhoff (Netherlands)
186. HanTot (UK): Darren G
187. confryd (Greece): Constantino Frydakis
188. ScottAllen (US): Scott Allen
189. manicfinance (Canada): Tom Burke
190. disruptiveplay (Dubai): Kristina Nyzell

VB Twitter Watch: 416 twitter accounts tracked so far
Since Visible Banking Twitter Watch #9, I have added 18 twitter accounts to the list: 1stCommunityCU
AcmeFCU, BetYouCanSave / Central Ohio Cus, bvafcu, ConsumersCU, DayAirCU, EnterpriseBank, etradebaby, Flagship_Bank, foxcu, hawaiicentralcu, kootenaysavings, LeagueLive /Advocacy Staff/the Wisconcin CU League, MeridianMobile / Meridian CU, moneyandstuff / Ohio Cus, RiversideFCU, RTFCU, SD3FCU.

To check the full list of financial institutions on twitter (work in progress) and to find out more about social media in banking and financial services I invite you to check, and contribute to, my SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTORY. Thanks in advance for your feedback!

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Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

Currently, Christophe is advising a number of fintech startups on marketing and growth hacking and he is the Chief Marketing Officer of The Fintech Power 50, an exclusive annual programme helping fintech scale-ups to accelerate their growth globally.

Christophe's views on are his own.

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