Visible Banking News #2

On regular basis (ideally weekly), I will post a list of key news on online banking & web 2.0.
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NEWS – 09 April to 15 April 2007

Fraudsters Are Starting to Score Successes Against Online Banking – 11 April 2007

Google launches online payments service in UK – 13 April 2007
Schwab launches money mentoring Web site for parents – 13 April 2007
Online mortgage firm Giraffe launches in Northern Ireland – 13 April 2007
* Boubyan Bank launches online banking portal implemented by Al-Faris – 15 April 2007

The Title Says it All: “Online Banking: Protecting the Earth and Yourself” – 11 April 2007
Online Bill Payments Surpass Checks for the First Time Among Internet- Connected Households – 11 April 2007
Green banking – just hype or here to stay? – 12 April 2007
Ins And Outs Of New Online Checking Accounts – 12 April 2007
E-bill payments surpass cheques among Web-connected households – 13 April 2007
Banks target the young – 13 April 2007
The Two-Way Peephole – 13 April 2007

Personal finance
Buxfer Showcases Personal Finance 2.0 Features – 09 April 2007

Building Better Online Brand Experiences – 11 April 2007

Driving Online Sales for Motor Insurance – 10 April 2007
Aite – The State of Online Banking Security – 11 April 2007
Online car insurers driving away customers – 11 April 2007
Mobile Money & Payments 2.0 Released: The Latest from Online Banking Report – 12 April 2007

CIBC Website tops Forrester rankings among Canadian banks – 13 April 2007

Banks Roll Out High Interest Online Checking Accounts – 12 April 2007

Web 2.0
Enterprise 2.0 – current state of use of web 2.0 tools in Banks and Credit Unions – 10 April 2007

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