Visible Banking News #1

On regular basis (ideally weekly), I will post a list of key news on online banking & web 2.0.
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NEWS – 02 April to 08 April 2007

Customer experience
Customers want online ID protection more than reimbursement from banks – 04 April 2007

ABN Amro compensates victims of ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack – 02 April
ABN Amro problem was predictable – 03 April 2007
Barclays wins anti-fraud award – 04 April 2007
Hackers Selling Their Dark Services to Highest Bidders – 05 April
CIB urges Internet users to beware of computer hackers – 08 April 2007

Banks Adding Products Online – 02 April 2007
HSBC to plant trees for customers who switch off paper statements – 03 April 2007
Sovereign, CheckFree Launch Electronic Bill Payment Promotional Campaign – 05 April 2007
Banks and Credit Unions Go Green with Paperless Promotions – 05 April 2007

Citibank Buys the Top Spot for Google “Checking Accounts” – 02 April 2007
Bank Web sites are marketing tools – 05 April 2007

Mobile banking
HSBC Pushes Cell-Phone Ads to Branch Passers-By – 02 April 2007
Citi unveils cell-phone banking – 02 April 2007
Citi Mobile(SM) Technology Makes Everyday Banking on Your Cell Phone Effortless – 02 April 2007
Citibank’s Mobile Services Will Impact Outside U.S. – 03 April 2007
Citi Mobile Launches in Southern California – 03 April 2007

Automating Account Opening In-Branch and Online: A Case Study of Alliant Credit Union – 04 April 2007
Banks struggling with online sales – Datamonitor – 05 April 2007

Online banking users value security before convenience – 05 April 2007
* Potential of internet banking remains unfulfilled – 05 April 2007

Liberty Bank to Adopt Digital Insight Web Platform – 04 April 2007

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