VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #5 – 20-May-09

Please find below my daily top tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.
I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

charleneli Comcast improves customer satisfaction, credited partly with the improvement. Thanks/congrats @comcastcares

Comcast has sought to transform its customer-service reputation after it tied for worst place in the index in three of the past six years. Comcast uses Twitter to personally interact with customers and field complaints before problems escalate into major issues.

While Twitter isn’t a replacement for phone and e-mail help, it’s one way the company can proactively reach out to its customers, Rick Germano, Comcast’s senior vice president of customer operations, said in an interview.

Thanks Charlene to point this article out. Another good example of how corporations can use twitter in addition to their traditional customer service activities. It is all about being more proactive, identifying and contacting angry customers in a timely manner.
mintdotcom What’s your favorite little financial hack or trick? Add yours to the current (and growing) list at (Please RT)

As I mentioned many times on my blog, Twitter is a great way to drive traffic to your other social media initiatives and increase contribution from your users. Well done to which has over 27,000 fans on facebook. So far 36 people shared their favorite financial hack or trick. One of the limits of the facebook pages is that you can’t direct traffic to a specific posted item or wall post…
SEFCU Pictures posted from Altamont branch ribbon cutting ceremony on Facebook…check them out!

Another good example of driving traffic to your facebook page via twitter (and hopefully increasing your number of fans!), this time from SEF Credit Union (710 fans so far)
Tips: next time, they should use a short url to enable people to RT their tweet with a comment.
anzmoneymanager Stellar registrations yesterday – bigger than launch day! Welcome to all our new users.<– What happened? Press? Budget?

I don’t know if anzmoneymanager found out the reasons behind this peak, but it is worth investigating…
anzmoneymanager @thebankchannel spirit fingers (ie. not something that can be explained in 140 characters)!

Indeed, twitter is not made to come up with long and comprehensive explanations.
jowyang I’m tracking the examples of the five eras of the social web have included FB/OpenID announcement

Stay tuned! This is going to be another great resource from Jeremiah. And check his video interview shot in the Netherlands last week.
CUTweetTrack Of the preceeding top CUs with “followers” –highest member/follower ratio is @mycucommunity – 5,726 members/551 followers

Great initiative from Roger Conant: if just like me you share an interest in financial institutions on twitter, I invite you to follow @CUTweetTrack which aims to flag every single credit union on twitter.
Quite a lot of credit unions have a very basic page, no branding, with just a few updates: I have already started to add the most active accounts to myVisible Banking Twitter Watch.
Pioneercu Heading to the MAC website to get a new battery for my ipod because it won’t hold a charge….over use I guess?!?!

I am always a bit puzzled when I see that kind of updates on an official company page: what do you think?
GuyKawasaki 13 social media listening tools. Why isn’t included haunts me. 🙂

Learn & Listen: it is critical to understand how you industry is leveraging social media and start listening to online discussions about your brand asap! This is another good list of services which will help you create a good basic monitoring process for free.
mashable Most popular article on Twitter today: “HOW TO: Build Your Personal Brand on Twitter” –

Excellent introduction to twitter. I recommend to read point number 4: “Establish a Twitter marketing plan”.

What do you think?

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