VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #4 – 19th May 2009

Please find below my daily top tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

Visible_Banking @Jimlssokson thx for flagging @MasterCardNews I have added it to #VBTW Looking forward to your #MCDay on May 21st!

Participate to MasterCard’s Industry Information day on May 21st: follow the event on #MCDay. And stay tuned on Visible Banking: I plan to record an audio interview about twitter with Jim (@Jimlssokson) after their event.
UBank Why do we follow you when you follow us? It’s simple. If you take the time to listen to us, we try our best to reciprocate. Tweet soon.

UBank explains why they are following so many people on twitter. (following 1270+ web friends for 1,400+ followers). I find it as a fairly high ratio of nb of follower / nb of web users (103%) but is is consistent with some of the most followed financial institutions on twitter: 100% for @Wachovia, 102% for @INGDirect, 106% for @HRBlock.
And I am waiting for the time when someone will blame a financial institution for following an activist or an extremist. On the other hand, both twitter users must follow each other in order to send each other private (direct) messages which is essential in a customer service practice.
I believe companies certainly shouldn’t be following more people than their follower base.
forrester Unable to attend #FITF09? You can still stay connected! Forrester keynotes will be streamed on this blog:

Another example of how useful twitter is to support an event. You just have to create a specific hashtag for your conference, promote it on twitter and your other social media initiatives, and invite a group of active twitter users to participate!
If you are not convinced, I invite you to check the coverage of the excellent FinovateStartup #finovate and SOMESSO #smo09.
aaron116 An Interview With Queen Rania of Jordan On How Twitter Can Help Change The World (if only it were that easy :)) =>

It’s not about me being a role model, but about empowering people and making them believe that they can be role models and leaders for change.
TechCrunch Twitter Reaches New Heights As Climber Tweets From Everest by @leenarao

Clever way to capture the attention from the press and raise more money for the charity.
TechCrunch Financial Exposure: Rudder Inadvertently Shows Users Each Other’s Bank Account Info by @erickschonfeld

Oops! That won’t help driving people’s confidence in the online finance startups…
bondjanebond The big challenge a lot of enterprise marketers have when leveraging social media is resources… most are extremely resource constrained

This is not such a good reason to explain a lack of engagement in social media. Even though I acknowledge that lack of resources is always a concern for marketers, my fellow social media evangelists must join me and make sure their clients start asap to listen to online discussions and participate where it makes sense. We must break the common cliche around the time it takes to engage on social media sites.
Let’s take twitter as a first example: on average the top 10 financial institutions on twitter tweet just over 5 updates a day. Now blogging: you have limited resources, identify a good group of passionate people among your employees, leverage their enthusiasm and expertise and ask them to contribute every now and then. Check the long list of contributors from the business on the Wells Fargo blogs.
YoungFree #creditunion Free Stuff

I always flag Severus Credit Union’s award winning “Young and free in Albera” as one of the best practices in social media in financial services. But I am sure Tim McAlpine will make sure they get better at tweetering though. Just using the creditunion hashtag doesn’t give them a great deal of exposure on twitter.
CurrencyTim Here is my audition video for the YOUR Symposium. Let me know what you think!

Taking about Tim, I invite you to check his audition video. Great stuff.
mashable Interesting: “Twitter to launch business tools by year-end” (Reuters) –

Visitors to Twitter jumped 83 percent in April from the previous month, to reach 17 million, according to comScore data.
The company’s main focus at the moment is developing new features for commercial users, such as “lightweight analytics” and a directory of commercial accounts that would verify that businesses on Twitter are legitimate.

Interesting announcement from twitter’s founder indeed. Would be neat to be able to add hyperlinks to your twitterbackground too.

What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

Currently, Christophe is advising a number of fintech startups on marketing and growth hacking and he is the Chief Marketing Officer of The Fintech Power 50, an exclusive annual programme helping fintech scale-ups to accelerate their growth globally.

Christophe's views on are his own.

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