VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #3 – 18th May 2009

Please find below my daily top tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

@FinancialBrand Ad agency pre-populates its social media microsite for their credit union client w/”UGC” Is this ethical? Take the poll

I am against it, but as long as it is transparent I guess it is not such a big issue. Like Bank of America’s customer reviews, I would like to know who the contributors are: Coast Capital’s employees? Coast Capital’s clients? Rethink Communications? Also it would be a good idea to kind of categorize the videos and urge people to participate a bit more and whether flag their favorites or rate the videos. To start with, it could be fairly basic like on RaboDirect’s
By the way, how do they currently come up with their ‘top videos’?
@gerdschenkel 2,000 views of @UBank #moneybox episode 6. Starting to think about second series… ideas ?

It is always a pleasure to see a GM leveraging social media to engage with his clients and take their feedback into account. RaboDirect and RaboPlusGeneral Managers are also very active on their corporate blogs and personal twitter accounts.
@charispalmer My yarn on how to improve your financial knowledge & save money using Twitter @dynamicbusiness

Good article Charis. I invite all my readers to check your long list of banks and bankers from Australia & New Zealand on twitter.
@Rbjacobs Need to get your bucks in a row? ’s new series will set you on the path to wealth.

Good social media effort from First National Bank in South Africa. As usual, the challenge is to urge people to not only read the posts but leave a comment. I invite you to check the forum section with user-generated-content.
I also recommend you to visit the FNB Premier Banking page on Facebook which is one of the best efforts from a bank on the popular social network. What I love the most: they respond to comments, and the CEO of the bank took the time to shoot a video interview to welcome the facebook users.
@Visible_Banking Personal vs Corporate – Welcome 2 twitter@samplowman ! Are you now the official voice of ANZ succeeding@ANZozCEO ? Name should include ANZ

Since Brian left ANZ to RBS, it looks like Sam became the official figure on twitter for ANZ. Welcome Sam. But if it is the case, I recommend you change your twitter account name and include “ANZ” to be found in a twitter search.
It was unique to see a CEO of a major bank spending the time to engage with its clients on a popular social media site: I am still hoping the new CEO will take over on Brian’s initiative. It takes time to build an audience on twitter so don’t waste @ANZozCEO.
One day, I would also love to follow Brian on “@RBSukCEO”.
@bankervision Twitter is the tool that turns bloggers lazy. Since when was 140 characters a substitute for decenly written argument?

You are totally right James. 140 characters isn’t a substitute for a decently written argument. But I really don’t see the issue there. Twitter hasn’t been designed to send comprehensive arguments. It is a great tool to capture people’s opinion and keep track of the most recent news both in real-time. Most of the tweets contain a link to a proper, more substancial, article.
Moreover, it is the perfect tool for bloggers to give more exposure to their posts via people’s RTs.
@jowyang NYT: Social Networks Eclipse E-Mail. (Social networks recently surpassed porn)

Alongside the explosive growth of online video over the last six years, time spent on social networks surpassed that for e-mail for the first time in February, signaling a paradigm shift in consumer engagement with the Internet.
@CUVillage IAB: Social Advertising Best Practices

Definition of a Social Ad: An online ad that incorporates user interactions that the consumer has agreed to display and be shared. The resulting ad displays these interactions along with the user’s persona (picture and/or name) within the ad content.

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