VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #2 – SOMESSO – 15th May 2009

Please find below my daily top 10 tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make the top 10 today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

@aaron116 RT @SalesBlogcast Listening to @shanegibson 26 Ways to Measure Socialmedia ROI

I didn’t have the chance to listen to it yet, but there is even a podcast on social media ROI.
@forrester We now have 15,000 followers! Enjoy a free report, “How Twitter Can Influence eBusiness” (available for 1 week).

The offer is limited, but you can download the Forrester report on Visible Banking: How Twitter Can Influence eBusiness by Diane Clarkson.
@craighepburn @Visible_Banking Creating the social marketplace through engagement:

Excellent article on engagement in social media by Craig Hepburn, Director Social Technology at Open Text. I invite you to check my video interview with Craig in late 2007.
@FinancialBrand 79% of respondents are satisfied with BofA’s service on Twitter

Good results, but just 56 respondents…
@loic RT @GuyKawasaki: How executives should be using social media.

A BusinessWeek report with a few interesting articles on Twitter and corporate social networking.
SOMESSO-LogoThe Corporate Social Networking event was a success with about 100 delegates and an extensive line up of excellent speakers.

I was delighted to moderate the only panel of the day.

The event was all about social media in the corporate world. I am glad the speakers talked about experimenting without being afraid to fail, creating your products with your clients, embracing customer feedback, focusing on people more than technology, engaging with your community and finding the best way to reward them for their contribution.

@aden_76 Slides of @jasonfalls talk are here #smo09

Check Jason fall’s presentation on “Leveraging social media in regulated industries”. In his presentation Jason gives some guidelines in a few industries such as banking, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Insurance and Spirits.

@aden_76 IBM Blogging Guidelines #smo09

Interesting piece of work from the social media guys at IBM: “Responsible engagement in innovation and dialogue”. I love the last entry: “Don’t forget your day job”. 😉

@amayfield RT @hermioneway: AudioBoo: Umair Haque, Director Harvard Business Pub

@amayfield £390 to £1 ROI on a Quicksilver viral ad, says GoViral. Would be really interested to hear the method for that measurement. #smo09

@craighepburn User adoption can be realised through the identification of “whats in it for me” – social media can inherently be selfish #smo09

VB-RewardI can’t agree more with you Craig. Finding the best way to REWARD people is The key formula to success in social mediarewarding could be giving exposure/visibility, providing exclusive content or a fun experience, organizing a contest.

I invite you to check the full coverage of SOMESSO London on twitter #smo09 and on mobypicture. And check the 9 short audi interviews by Karen Barber on AudioBoo.

Please find below a few pictures from the event.


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