VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #15 – 03-June-09

Please find below my daily top 10 tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

wazaroff RT @Tinfoiling: …the little credit union’s social media Read about it at the

Thanks William for flagging this tweet! I have added this web 2.0 initiative tomy social media directory.
It is a proper online community with currently 36 members, 13 blog posts, 9 pictures, 6 videos, 2 events and 1 group. Their goals: 1. Connect with their members, 2. Demonstrate their services, 3. Celebrate their community 4. Have fun.
mint What is the best and/or worst financial advice your father gave you? #mintfathersday

Good way to capture some of the traffic about fathers’ day. This time, Mint’s goal is to drive more awareness on twitter. They usually cleverly drive twitter users to their blog or their popular facebook page (28,068 fans).
harrievo RT @ABABankingJourn: Community banks wade into social media: 4 case studies you can read right now

Find out more about the social media ‘strategy’ of Bank of the Southwest, American River Bankshares, Arvest Bank Group, Inc., and Sterling Bancshares, Inc.
gerdschenkel @ubank #moneybox ep 7 fastest launch yet: 6,200 views in a few days ( thanks !

The latest podcast from UBank is still going strong. Well done to Gerd, Monty and the rest of the team!
GuyKawasaki 9 ways people respond to content.

The “9 S” according to Rajesh. I like the pic. ROII (return-on-investment for an interaction)
jowyang WIRED: The Future of Social Media: The Walls Come Crumbling Down

The vision of a web where users are no longer locked up with their content away from others just because they picked a different social networking service, is a big one.
Leo Laporte- 
“It’s hard to imagine what this world will look like … but it’s really about breaking down barriers that, up ’till now, have been about the scarcity of resources and information. Now those are coming down.”
JCCapelli Giles Andrews on building Zopa , its brand and how Zopa differentiates from banks #P2Plending

18 minutes to find out about Zopa. I invite you to check my video interview with Doug Dolton, Zopa’s Global CEO (San Francisco, April 2008).
rbcinnovator New Rules of Managing Innovation: 4 trends incl. falling silos, outside-in thinking, social media & war games

I am glad to see social media listed as one of the best ways to manage and foster innovation. I invite you to check the excellent by advanta), Dell’s ideastorm or my Starbucks Idea.
1stMarinerBank Having a little trouble with our Facebook page. It’s not accepting my RSS feed for careers. That’s right, you can see our job openings there

Facebook pages are improving slowly… Anyway, make it easy to visit your page! Always share a short url in your tweets.
usaa_news @usaa_news friends: Our PR chief is jumping w/Army Golden Knights today as part of the Army Strong experience. Follow her at@wendistrong.

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