VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #14 – 02-June-09

Please find below my daily top tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

jowyang Groundswell Awards: Small companies apply too. See 2008 Alberta’s Common Wealth Credit Union $3,587,000 in new funds

It looks like the award winning Young and Free Alberta initiative from Severus Credit Union is a contender for another award. It is one of the best examples of ROI in the banking / financial services industry.
I invite you to check Tim McAlpine’s presentation (slides 63 & 64) on slideshare.
eMarketer American Express: Conversations generate business for our members. New biz owners site launches TODAY: #cmsummit

American Express launched its OpenForum community a while ago. It looks like they launched phase 2 yesterday with at least two additions: the Connectodex and the Idea Hub.
Do they have a deal with the extremely visible Guy Kawasaki? Guy shares so much on twitter, on his blog and in his books (great stuff by the way!) that it makes me wonder how much exclusive information the Amex clients will find on the OpenForum site…
charleneliJohn Hayes CMO Amex on SM ROI, pt.2 “”We understand that we can’t measure everything. The things we can’t measure, we still need to value.”

Excellent quote from the Chief Marketing Officer of American Express. How much do you value customer engagement, customer advocacy and how concerned are you with brand hijacking online?

SonyaJMills via @PurinaCU: If every Tweet you post is an ad or a marketing piece, UR DOIN’ IT WRONG.

Indeed, Sonya is totally right. Brand shouldn’t see twitter as another sales channel and use it mainly to push marketing messages. Twitter give brands an incredible opportunity to engage with their clients and answer their questions in real time.

CEO_INGDIRECT Spent an hour with new hires in Toronto & Ottawa today. Discussing our biz, our values, our culture. Time couldn’t be better spent.

If I were looking for a job at ING Direct in Canada, I would be thrilled to find out that my future CEO spends the time to welcome his new recruits. This is another good example of leveraging the transparency offered by social media to drive employee advocacy and talent acquisition.
 We have a Facebook fan page under construction. Seriously, the training wheels are still on. Come check us out and leave your mark.

To the TSCU team: you should include the link to your facebook page (short url) in your next tweet.

It is critical to increase your brand presence on the most popular social media sites like facebook, youtube or twitter. 1. Start experimenting asap 2.Make sure to work with a subject matter expert 3. Make it easy for your user to find the right info and contribute 4. Cross-market your social media initiatives.
Wachovia New blog post: Way2Save will be kept by Wells Fargo and made available to all customers!

I may have missed those updates in the past – Wachovia promotes the new posts on the Wells Fargo Wachovia blog. You can’t cross-market your social media initiatives too much. Always make sure to give them maximum visibility.
CUTweetTrack Totals for @CUTweetTrack 198 US/Canada , 8 sites supporting special campaigns (young adults, debt, etc.) 7 leagues, 4 International. Thanks!

Great job Roger!
mashable 10 Must-Haves for Your Social Media Policy –

A must read!
thebankchannel A-Z list of media brands on twitter – Everyone is on there including TBC –

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