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VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #10 – 27-May-09

Please find below my daily top 10 tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.

I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make my post today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

CEO_INGDIRECT I’ve entered the world of “the blog”. Reaching out with > 140 characters to share thoughts/views. Enjoy. http://tinyurl.com/p6koqv

Welcome to the blogosphere Peter! One more time, I am convinced you will quickly build a sizable group of passionate readers. You have already successfully leveraged micro-blogging with 1,285+ followers and 680+ updates on twitter since you launched your account on 3rd February 2009.

I invite you to find your inspiration on RaboDirect’s blog by their GM, Roel van Veggel, and RaboPlus’ blog by their GM, Greg McAweeney. Please note that both GM take the time to respond to most of the comments themselves, and their blogs are both featured on their bank homepage.
UBank RT @gerdschenkel Online Banking Report on Twitter released (references @ubank and other known “faces”) http://tinyurl.com/pj6f5e

I am currently working on putting together the most insightful guide on twitter for banks and financial services companies. I guess Jeffry and Jim were quicker to launch their report! Stay tuned on Visible-Banking.com, but in the meantime I invite you to check their executive summary.

UBank’s approach to twitter is one of the most innovative and successful out there. I hope they are featured in the very best practice section!

I will also launch soon a series of highly interactive and hands-on twitter workshops in London.
thebankchannel Welcome @stgeorgecareers to twitter – @bankingreviewcheck it out! Be interested to know of banks using twitter for recruitment

Thanks Rob for flagging this initiative launched by St.George, part of the Westpac Group, on 1st April 2009. It is pretty unique indeed from a financial institutions to launch a twitter account dedicated to recruitment.

I am currently working on a study to better understand how banks and financial services companies started tweeting. Please find below the very first tweets from St. George:
* 1st tweet: and we’re off… 🙂
* 2nd tweet: well first off, lets plug the website:http://stgeorge.com.au/careers
* 3rd tweet: and let us know if you have questions about roles at St.George, Asgard or BankSA
CUTweetTrack Coming soon…@CUTweetTrack BLOG featuring expanded content geared to CUs and Twitter. First up, interview with@pjhodges from @Bellco_CU!

Excellent news Roger. I very much look forward to reading your posts and watching your interviews.
FinancialBrand The most comprehensive directory of financial institutions on Twitter you’ve seen yet http://bit.ly/w27Sr

Good list put together by Jeffry. I am not sure about the claim though…

For the most comprehensive list of credit unions on twitter, I invite you to check Roger’s @CUTweetTrack and for the most comprehensive directory of financial institutions on twitter here is an alternative: please check myVisible Banking Twitter Watch which currently includes over 150 financial institutions in 16 countries and loads of Insights that I share with my readers on weekly basis.
CUTweetTrack Welcome @SFCUiLife (the “young adult” Twitter site for 43,000 member Shell FCU-Houston) to @CUTweetTrack! Launched 2/18/07 Sharp!

I am thinking of writing a dedicated post on iLife, the excellent social media site ‘powered by’ Shell FCU.
craighepburn Agree RT @MariSmith:”I know LinkedIn is not as fun & sexy as Facebook or Twitter,but you need a LI marketing strategy too”@jasonalba #smss09

jowyang Talking: Brands can engage in dialogs with customers and prospects, sharing and learning information #140tc

GuyKawasaki How to write Twitter-ready headlines http://adjix.com/dyb6

emarketer Social media at work may not work, 3/4’s say it’s easy to damage a company rep, 61% adjust profiles: http://bit.ly/1bX11a #fb


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