VB Social Media Banking News via Twitter #1 – 14th May 2009

Please find below my daily top 10 tweets on social media in banking and financial services from the people I am following on Twitter.
I invite you to check the other tweets which didn’t make the top 10 today. I flagged them as favorites on @Visible_Banking.

@Kiva RT @nickcaintwtr: Great post on the Kiva Fellows blog about mobile phone banking in Kenya.

Good post on M-Pesa (M stands for mobile and Pesa is Kiswahili for money), the mobile banking service provided by Safaricom, the most popular mobile provider in Kenya. You will find two videos hosted on vimeo and a few links to mobile banking resources such as the recent Mobile Money Transfer event.
@CEO_INGDIRECT Our Facebook Fanpage has its 2000th fan! Thanx for engaging in the conversation.

Congrats to the ING Direct teams in North America which are doing an excellent job leveraging twitter and Facebook. Their Save Your Money page on Facebook is going strong (I have added it to my social media directory), and in my weekly VB Twitter Watch @INGDIRECT is always in the top 3 financial institutions on twitter in terms of number of followers and growth week on week.
@aaron116 RT @autom8: Banks Jump on the Social-Networking Bandwagon (CRM Daily) | @dan90266 @jasonsible

Good quotes from Ed @ Wells Fargo and UMB Financial: “Social media is a whole new world, and you cannot afford to not be a part of it,” says Pamela Blase, a spokeswoman for UMB Financial of Kansas City, Mo., which tweets about everything from the bank’s financial stability to the industry’s prospects.
@bankingreview American Express is trialling the integration of Facebook & Twitter feedback into its Salesforce CRM system

“Customers are more likely to use social media to discuss their dealings with financial institutions, rather than talk directly to the institution itself,” – Jeffrey Evans, head of business intelligence and data management at American Express
Excellent. Another good case for social media. Please note that Amercian Express has been fairly active in social media for the last 18 months with their ‘OPEN Forum‘ community for SMEs.
@FinancialBrand Can Twitter save banks’ reputation?[CNBC]

Basic introduction to twitter in banking in the US. In her article, Julia Boorstin focused in particular on Wells Fargo and Bank of America’s customer support tweets.
@FinancialBrand @rshevlin Every customer relationship saved by @BofA_help, @Ask_WellsFargo on Twitter has a dollar value (COA/new customer).

100% with you Jeff, thanks for mentioning it. But as usual with social media, because of the relatively small scales and the lack of contributor information, it is going to be challenging for a financial institution to track the results and recognize its effort on twitter in increasing customer retention.
@FinancialBrand @Bellco_CU shares their Twitter/social media strategy in this Q&A interview

“Twitter is a perfect tool for credit unions because it’s a one-to-one medium. It’s a great way to connect with our members. Members initially seem to be surprised to find their credit union is on Twitter, but the reaction so far has been universally positive. I’ve found members are impressed that Bellco is reaching out to them through a “cutting edge” channel.” -Peter Hodges, Direct Marketing Specialist at Bellco Credit Union
Please find below Jeremiah’s and Robert’s tweets from the Corporate Social Networking conference in Amsterdam #csn09.

@jowyang New blog post: What Companies Should Know About Digital Natives by @digitalnatives #csn09

“By age 20, kids will have spent 20,000 hours online –the same amount of time a professional piano player would have spent practicing” –Dr. Urs Gasser Fascinating!

@jowyang WSJ has interesting “Rules of social engagement” some to protect their sources.

RobertLommers best practices #csn09 –

Good slide from Jeremiah / good photo from Robert. 🙂

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