VB Facebook Flash #5 – CEOs & Content Strategy on Twitter, Societe Generale’s Citizen Act Smart Registration, Egg’s Low Key SM Contest, and More…

Since I have created my Visible Banking page on facebook, I’ve always tried to find the best way to REWARD my fans, or shall I say now “the community of facebook users who like my page”: from the get go, I made sure to post most of my recent video interviews or video reviews on facebook first (and only a few days or weeks later on dailymotion or youtube). Please note thatmy new videos (comments & interviews) are available on the VB page first.

Indeed I believe there is limited value using a facebook page as a mere carbon copy of one’s twitter account or blog. I also don’t want noise on my blog and limitate the number of short frequent posts with my initial comments and reactions on new social media initiatives.

This is the reason why I started to post short wall posts on regular basis. I invite facebook users interested in social media in banking, financial services and insurance, to like my page to keep track of my updates. Once in a while, I will also publish a post listing my recent comments on facebook in my new Visible Banking Facebook Flash series. I hope you will enjoy reading those posts.

Please do not hesitate to share your feedback and help me improve the format of this new series.

Facebook Flash #5
Please find below an extract of my comments and initial thoughts on some recent social media initiatives in banking, financial services and insurance. I invite you to read the full articles on facebook.

Study: 64% of CEOs at the world’s 50 largest companies have no social… media presence and only 8% have Twitter accounts.
I found out about the article on Peter Aceto’s twitter feed (@CEO_INGDIRECT). Peter is mentioned in the article. (…)
Even though it makes sense that so few CEOs own a twitter account, the lack of time can’t be the real reason behind this fact. Indeed twitter is surely the most convenient, and less time consuming way, for Senior Executives to express themselves and leverage social media.

Barclays Customers in France: How Valuable Do You Find ‘le Cercle Premier’?
(… ) The site is totally closed, even the blog section, which minimizes the impact of the initiative on the SEO level. I am keen to find out more abou…t the content (from the Barclays team and their customers) and the conversations taking place on the service… I am looking forward to your input!

Smart: Societe Generale Rewards Early Registrations to its Citizen Act Business Game
I spotted a tweet from Soci…ete Generale: @citizenact Hi everyone! You still have 3 weeks to register to CITIZEN ACT, but the sooner you register, the more bonus points. (…)
This is an excellent idea. You want to drive the number of early registrations up? Find the right incentive! I invite you to check SocGen’s scoring system.

How many UK residents knew about Egg Card’s twitter contest?
I wonder how many people in the UK were aware of this twitter contest by Egg, which by the way ends on Monday 15 November? (…)
I am concerned with the limited chance of success of this particular contest. Indeed, I couldn’t find any mention of it on Egg’s website. Banks can launch the best social media initiatives, but if they don’t promote them, they shouldn’t expect a huge amount of contribution.

After a successful campaign on facebook, Standard Chartered UAE decided to try a more traditionnal digital approach
Earlier this year, Standard Chartered UAE launched a successful campaign on Facebook meant to drive adoption and usage of online banking, and increase the size of their fan base on facebook. (…)
The bank launched a similar campaign, but this time in a more traditional way without leveraging social media and their popular facebook page which has just reached the 12,000 fan mark… Even though facebook campaigns require a bit more dedication, they guarantee a good amount of buzz online and contribute to refreshing the brand, positioning the bank as more innovative than its competitors.

What’s Important on Twitter? The Quality (Syntax, Frequency, Call to Action) of your Tweets!
First of all, let’s not be hypocretical here. It is true that I always urge you, financial institutions, to start embracing social media asap and launch an official presence, even if you are inactive. But you need to understand the tools and how people will pick on your content / tweets in that case. (…)
Let’s take a step back. How come the good tweeps out there wouldn’t like a content they are not even aware of? One of the first questions should be: what is our goal with this account? What do we want to say on twitter? And equally importantly, who do we want to connect with?…

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Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

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