Unity Trust Bank Publishes Social Media Guide For Small Businesses [Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin]

Unity Trust Bank publishes social media guide for SMEs

Unity Trust Bank has launched a guide titled ‘About That First Tweet’ that will serve as a tool for small and medium sized businesses on how to engage their customers using social media.

Unity Trust Bank publishes social media guide for SMEsTogether with the guide, a survey showing how small and medium sized social organisations use the new social media platforms in fundraising and communicating with their members.

The guide is also published by Social Misfits Media, a sister company of the fundraising consultancy I.G. Advisors.

‘About That First Tweet’ shows businesses and organisations on how to communicate with their audience using different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The guide also teaches how to develop and deliver online goals.

It is an authoritative guide that features interviews with social media experts from Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also contains four case studies and showing how these organisations use social media to reach their goals.

Unity Trust Bank and Social Misfits Media surveyed 180 charities and enterprises and found out that at least 70% have Facebook and Twitter presence. However, 54% said that their social media strategy is not integrated with their overall fundraising strategy.

Case Studies


  • Twitter – Claire Díaz-Ortiz, Head of Social Innovation
  • Facebook – Libby Leffler, Strategic Partner Manager
  • LinkedIn – Meg Garlinghouse, Head of Social Impact

Key Stats

  • Out of 180 charities and enterprises surveyed, 70% have Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • 54% of these however do not integrate their social media strategy into their overall communications strategy

Claire Díaz-Ortiz, Head of Social Innovation for Twitter: “You can’t get anywhere on Twitter if you don’t have a target or goal.”

Libby Leffler, Strategic Partner Manager for Facebook: “Your success does not hinge on original content, but it’s often some of the easiest material to procure. Social media has forced brands and organisations to get a personality: to connect with people in a real way, the way that they connect with their friends and family.”

Meg Garlinghouse, Head of Social Impact for LinkedIn: “Those first individuals will be the ones who set the bar – I would really think carefully and hand-pick the people I want to join, people with large followings and personal brands. People have egos, and you can speak to their ego: if you tell them that you need their unique experience and thought leadership, it’s more likely that they’ll join.”

Adrian Oldman, Head of Marketing at Unity Trust Bank: “Unity Trust Bank commissioned ‘About that First Tweet’ and made it free to download because we recognise the importance of social media in delivering social change.”

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