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Twitter Reaches 200M Monthly Active Users, 400M Tweets a Day

Twitter Reaches 200M Monthly Active Users, 400M Tweets a Day

The service has announced that Twitter reaches 200M monthly active users, 400M tweets a day. Representing a 42% increase in the number of active user base, it has increased 60 million from March’s 140 million in less than a year.

Twitter Reaches 200M Monthly Active Users, 400M Tweets a DayAs the service celebrated its sixth year in March, the company announced that it has gone over the 140 million active user mark, and those users send out 340 million tweets per day.

The company also reports 200 million active users, and 400 million tweets per day, according to the most recent information shared by Dick Costolo (@dickc), Twitter CEO.

Back in September 2011, Twitter (@twitter) had 100 million active users and 50 million active users every day. The company has grown by 100% in terms of individuals who access and employ the service at least once a month over a year and three months.

In seven months, the number of monthly active users increased by 40%, from 100 million to 140 million. In nine months, it has grown to 42% on this key active user metric.

Although the overall growth rate slightly declined, Twitter still packed in 60 million new monthly active users in 9 months compared to the 40 million in 7 months. This shows that Twitter is still increasing its active user base consistently.

Key Stats

  • The number of Twitter’s active users increased by 42% from 140m to 200m in less than a year
  • In March 2012, it had 140m active users and 340m tweets per day
  • At present, the company reports 200m active users and 400m tweets per day
  • In September 2011, Twitter had 100m active users and 50m active users per day
  • The company has grown by 100%
  • In seven months, it has grown by 40%; 42% in nine months; 40 million in 7 months and 60m in 9 months

Source: techcrunch.com (@TechCrunch)

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