Top 30 Crowdfunding Twitter Accounts To Follow Curation

Top 30 #Crowdfunding Twitter Accounts To Follow [Curation]

My team found over 1,000 twitter accounts focused on #crowdfunding all over the world.  We put together a list of the Top 30 most followed accounts to follow.

Top 30 Crowdfunding Twitter Accounts To FollowOn Visible Banking, we curate the best news and opinions on social media and digital innovation in the worldwide financial services industry (banking, insurance, cards & payments, investments…).

As we all know, one of the key challenges of social media is the amount of noise and meaningless content.  This is precisely why we started a series of Top 30 Twitter Accounts to Follow in several areas of interest to our readership, not necessarily exclusively in financial services.

For the first article of our new series, we will focus on crowdfunding.

Even though the size of a follower base is not the only criteria to consider -it is indeed easy to buy dozens of thousands of fake followers-, it still remains one of the key indicators of a twitter account’s authority.

We invite you to follow our twitter list ‘Top 30 Crowdfunding‘, which includes the accounts listed below.
This is a work in progress.  Please feel free to flag any misses. 


1 Rocket Hub Twitter Account Crowdfunding 35p1. RocketHub (US) – 116k Followers
RocketHub is the world’s crowdfunding machine.


2 Best Kick Starter Twitter Account Crowdfunding 35p2. BestKickstarter (US) – 108k Followers
Follow and include @bestkickstarter when posting about your Kickstarter project and we will retweet and may even contribute money!


3 Lincipit ES Twitter Account Crowdfunding 35p3. lincipit_es (Spain) – 52k Followers -in Spanish-
Lincipit conecta proyectos creativos e ideas de negocios, con personas interesadas en financiarlos gracias al Crowdfunding. 


4 Sponsume Twitter Account Crowdfunding 35p4. Sponsume (UK) – 45k Followers
Global web platform for collaborative funding and co-creation. #Crowdfunding creativity since 2010.


5 Jamie Hart Twitter Account Crowdfunding 35p5. Jamie_Hart_ (US/UK) – 35k Followers
Head of Investor Research & Crowdfunding at the Investor Pitch Clinic. Helping Entrepreneurs get Funded…and massive soccer fan.


6 Own Ur Hollywood Twitter Account Crowdfunding 35p6. OwnUrHollywood (US) – 30k Followers
We’re a crowd-funding investment platform that gives consumers the power to collaborate on entertainment. It’s time to own YOUR #Hollywood. #Crowdfunding


7 Indiegogo Twitter Account Crowdfunding 35p7. Indiegogo (?) – 27k Followers
Indiegogo is the leading global platform for crowdfunding – empowering anyone, anywhere, to raise money for anything.


8 CrowdfundingBro Twitter Account Crowdfunding8. CrowdfundingBro (?) – 23k Followers
Crowdfunding is changing the world. Join me on the journey.


9 fundingroadmap Twitter Account Crowdfunding 35p9. fundingroadmap (US) – 23k Followers


10 TDCrowdsource Twitter Account Crowdfunding 35p10. TDCrowdsource (US) – 20k Followers
Daily Crowdsource – Crowdsource Better. Crowdsourcing, Crowd Leaders (thought leaders), crowdfunding, open innovation, training, tools, & discussions.


11. starterboom (LATAM) – 19k Followers
Ayudamos a creativos como tú a recaudar dinero para sus proyectos. ¡Pronto estaremos online!

12. SponsorGoal (?) – 16k Followers
Simple online funding with the power of #Crowdfunding, inspired by crowdsourcing . #Sponsor Your #Goals 

13. CrwdFndPlanning (?) – 16k Followers
Helping SMBs, Startups, and Entrepreneurs seeking #CrowdFunding; we provide access to seminars, research, and expert advisors.

14. capitalcmovie (?) – 16k Followers
Follow and support the world’s first feature-length documentary about the crowd revolution! #crowdsourcing #crowdfunding #capitalc

15. JoinIndieFunda (Greece) – 14k Followers
The place for all indie artists. Create your crowdfunding projects with the power of community #indie, #crowdfunding

16. lincipit_br (Brazil) – 12k Followers -in Portuguese-
A Lincipit reúne projetos e ideias criativas e inovadoras, com pessoas interessadas em financiá-los através do Crowdfunding

17. SiliconCF (US) – 12k Followers -Inactive-
Silicon Crowdfunding is the BEST way to raise money online FREE! Invite family & friends to donate online to any of your online fundraising ideas.

18. impalerspeaks (US) – 11k Followers
I write about indie music, film, & more. I back at @kickstarter, @indiegogo, @pledgemusic, @sponsume, #crowdfunding. Part of Mass Movement e-zine.

19. Crowdsourcing_ (US) – 11k Followers
The Industry Website — Covering crowdfunding, open innovation, and all additional forms of crowdsourcing.

20. megafounder (US) – 10k Followers
#Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs, startups and businesses. Everybody founder.


21. CloudFunded (?) – 9k Followers
Get CloudFunded! Invest in businesses you know and trust. #Crowdfunding #FF #F4F #Sustainability Fund you too!

22. goteofunding (?) – 6k Followers
Red social de crowdfunding con ADN abierto! Financiación colectiva responsable para el beneficio colectivo (procomún). Crowdfunding the commons! by @platoniq

23. weeveit (Canada) – 6k Followers
World’s first free crowdfunding platform for nonprofits. We help donors to give smarter and help nonprofits reach their crowd.

24. startmefund (South Africa) – 6k Followers
Crowdfunding Creativity in South Africa An Innovative way to fund Creative and entrepreneurial ideas. 

25. Sprowd (Netherlands) – 6k Followers – Serious Crowdfunding

26. El_Cosmonauta (Spain) – 6k Followers
Una película de ciencia ficción que utiliza crowdfunding y licencias Creative Commons. Será distribuida a través de internet, DVD, TV y cine al mismo tiempo.

27. Crowdfundnews (?) – 6k Followers
News on crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and new business ideas. Reach us at for tips and info.

28. crowdfunding (Australia) – 6k Followers
Captures the crowd & brings them together to form a common goal of funding project/s online. @crowdfunding updated by Mat Walker.

29. hectormunozg (Canarias) – 6k Followers
Músico. Gestor Cultural. Regidor de escena. CEO en @gescaem. Ayudo a artistas e instituciones a gestionar y promocionar sus proyectos culturales #Crowdfunding

30. unbounders (?) – 5k Followers
Crowd funding for great books – Letting authors tell you what they want to write and letting you decide what gets written. Also at

About Crowdfunding
I invite you to watch another excellent video in plain English from Rock The Post.


So, what do you think of our list of Top 30 Crowdfunding Twitter Accounts To Follow?  In your opinion, how big is the impact of #crowdfunding on the shaken worldwide banking industry?

Join the conversation here or on our facebook page.

What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

Currently, Christophe is advising a number of fintech startups on marketing and growth hacking and he is the Chief Marketing Officer of The Fintech Power 50, an exclusive annual programme helping fintech scale-ups to accelerate their growth globally.

Christophe's views on are his own.

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