Top 10 Most Followed Financial Institutions on Twitter in December 2010 (1,353 Accounts in 68 Countries)

In March 2009, I started tracking the financial institutions (FIs) on twitter(only 54 accounts back then!). It will always be a work in progress, so please don’t hesitate to get back to me to flag any missing initiatives. My Visible Banking Social Media Watch Series (twitterfacebookblog,youtube) gives me access to some great, and unique, insights. On regular basis, I share some of those key stats and insights with you, my blog readers, my twitter followers, and my facebook fans, and provide second-to-none recommendations to my clients.
In August, I talked you through the top 10 most followed financial insititutions on twitter. I invite you to watch my video which is still very relevant. Visible Banking Twitter Watch Series now tracking 1,353 accounts in 68 countries: 1. 689 from banks, 2. 338 from credit unions, 3. 217 from insurance firms, 4. 69 from financial services & investment firms, 40 from credit card companies. I invite you to check the insights included in the slide below (data collected on 02/12/2010) and compare those figures with the ones from last month. VBTW-December2010 Top 10 most followed financial institutions: 1. @AmericanExpress (American Express), 2. @Banesco (Banesco), 3. @KBank_Live (Kasikornbank PCL), 4. @scb_thailand (SCB), 5. @santander_br (Banco Santander), 6. @INGDIRECT (ING Direct), 7. @OPENForum (American Express), 8. @BBVAProvincial (BBVA), 9. @Discover (Discover), 10. @SCBEasy (SCB). No major changes from last month except for two new entries @Discover and @BBVAProvincial which kicked out @BofA_Help and @usaa, usaa missing the Top 10 by only 60 followers. American Express remains “the king of twitter” with two accounts (one focused on B2C, the other on B2B) totalling now an impressive 87k followers. SCB in Thailand is the only other financial institution with two accounts placed in the top 10. Latin America and Asia are still well represented in the top 10 with three accounts each. There is still no accounts from Europe in the Top 10. The first European account on our list, @DavisCup by BNP Paribas, is number 17 with 8k followers. Next month, the bottom of our Top 10 is very likely to change again with three accounts trailing @SCBEasy by less than 500 followers: @usaa, @banxico and @BancodoBrasil. Top 10 fastest growing accounts: 1. @AmericanExpress (American Express), 2. @Discover (Discover), 3.@Banesco (Banesco), 4. @BBVAProvincial (BBVA), 5. @BNI46 (BNI), 6. @santander_br (Banco Santander), 7. @INGNYCMarathon (ING Direct), 8. @Amexoffers_uk (American Express), 9. @Rabobank (Rabobank), 10. @banxico (Banco de México). @AmericanExpress claimed the pole position back, and they did it in style! Indeed, the main twitter account from American Express grossed more than 36k new followers last month. This is surely another side effect of their successful Small Business Saturday campaign on facebook. It is always good to see a European bank in one of our Top 10s. Congrats to Rabobank which grew its follower base by over 1.2k followers in November. Thanks to ‘the American Express effect’, we noticed a sizable growth rate in December with the top 10 fastest growing accounts adding 59,593 followers compared with 19,820 followers last month. Top 10 most followed insurance firms: 1. @StateFarm (State Farm), 2. @allstate (Allstate), 3. @AAAuto (AAA), 4. @Progressive (Progressive Insurance), 5. @VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance),6. @ChubbInsurance (Chubb Insurance), 7. @AAADiscounts (AAA), 8. @FarmersGroup (Farmers Insurance), 9. @BIFS (Berkeley Insurance), 10. @TruPanion (TruPanion Pet Insurance). @StateFarm is the clear leader with 1.5k more followers than @allstate. There is a huge gap between the Top 4 accounts and 6-10 which are separated by only 650 followers. Please call me (0044 7736 446 357), send me an email (, or DM me (@Visible_Banking). I am keen to talk to you about twitterfacebook, customer reviews, social media & social commerce in banking, financial services, and insurance.

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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