Home Mobile Top 10 Award Winning Mobile Banking Apps: iPad, NFC, Gamification, Stockbroking

Top 10 Award Winning Mobile Banking Apps: iPad, NFC, Gamification, Stockbroking

Top 10 Best Mobile Banking Apps 2012

The Mobile Banking Awards 2012 has selected ten apps and services in different categories. The awards rates the best apps in the market today based on blogs, media commentary, customer feedback and YouTube videos.

Top 10 Best Mobile Banking Apps 2012It has been a very successful year in the mobile banking industry with apps and services continuously improving and changing the way customers interact with their banks.

Next year is expected to be bigger with more banks looking at mobile banking and developing their own apps and services. New innovations will likely enter the market next year and who knows what kinds of apps customers will see.


The Winners

1. La Caixa Móvil – Best Overall Mobile Banking Application

2. ANZ goMoney – Best Mobile Application Design

3. Bank of America – Best Multiplatform Service

4. Citibank for iPad – Best Tablet Application

5. E*Trade Mobile Pro – Best Stockbroking Application

6. Commonwealth Bank Property Guide – Best Home Buying Application

7. Commonwealth Bank Kaching – Best Payment Feature

8. La Caixa ServiCaixa – Best Shopping and Ticketing Feature

9. USAA Autocircle – Best Insurance Feature
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10. PNC Virtual Wallet ‘Punch the pig’ – Best Gamification Feature


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