Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank Taps Crowdsourcing with its Internet Olympics

Russian Bank Tinkoff Credit Systems taps crowdsourcing and asks math students to compete in their own Internet Olympics.

There are many crowd-generated feedback options that banks in Russia try to emply, yet most of them defy logic, or go against the reason to participate in them. Yet there is one contest that I can’t stop loving, and that is by Tinkoff Credit Systems bank, that has proposed students a set of math / statistics related tasks to solve and propose their cases for the bank to consider.

Under the banner of Internet Olympics ( it has offered a set of two geeky tasks and offered people to submit cases to try and crack them. In no time the bank has collected over 250.

It appeals to me, as I still remember my graduation and the associative fear of going unemployed. It appeals for its simple and clean design that quickly explains on what is required and is frank on posting cases on the site. It captures ones mind through a neat approach of directly asking the crowd to come up with business-related solutions that bank might employ in its work. It is no longer a mere questioning of entry-position wits, I’d say the tasks are to demostrate back to the bank the unorthodox ways you could approach numerous problems.

Crowdsourcing tournaments are to continue and involve customers and other participants on a diverging number of cases, both abstract and focused – but all forcing banks to open up. This is something they should do, as the environment demands them to.

What do you think?

Written by Daniel Gusev

Innovation Mgr in respect of remote channels strategy & emerging payments platforms. Honed knowledge & skills on mobile & proximity payments payments schemes, offering advice on traditional (ATM, Internet) & new ways of offering transaction services to top-10 banks in Russia.

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