The Visible Banking Page on Facebook: New Fans (21 – 30) & Recent Activity

The Visible Banking Page on Facebook
Visiblebankingpage070908I am delighted to see such a promising take off of the number of fans. Twenty days after the soft launch, the page now counts 58 fans.

I believe the success of any Social Media initiative is linked with your ability to engage with your community and urge them to contribute.
It is critical to REWARD your members, your fans. Rewarding could mean many things such as producing exclusive content, or giving visibiliy / exposure to your contributors. I intend to do both on the Visible Banking Page.

Please find below the names and a short description of my Fans number 21 to 30 (sorted by chronological order):
21. Joris Huijbregts, Senior interaction designer at (Netherlands): Joris mentioned on his profile that he is currently “working on a project for a major bank in the Netherlands…” I invite you to check Joris’ blog.

22. Aliza Mor, Conference Producer at Marcus Evans (USA): I met Aliza atOnline Retail Banking Services 2008 in May in New York. I was invited not only to speak but also to the chairman of the two-day conference. Following the success of the event, Aliza invited me to participate to another event in Miami, but I couldn’t make it. I believe Aliza is now working on Marcus Evans’ Innovative Payment Strategies event.

23. Iciar Martín, E-business Manager at BBVA (Spain): Iciar is working on new digital business models for BBVA. He is a member of the “Centro de Innovación BBVA” group on Linkedin

24. Jean-Christophe Capelli, Co-Founder at FriendsClear (France): I first met Jean-Christophe a few days before the first ever Finovate in New York. We had dinner in Manhattan. Jean-Christophe is passionate about social lending, and he recently co-founded FriendsClear. I invite you to check JC’s blog in French.

25. Andy Berlind, Sponsorship Consultant at Wells Fargo (USA): Andy works for the innovative US bank Wells Fargo. I invite you to check my video on Wells Fargo 2.0. No wonder Andy is connected to his colleagues Tim Collins and Ed Terpening.

26. Sally Herrington, Vice President e-Business at GTE Federal Credit Union (USA): Sally is actively involved in online banking and personal finance management projects.

27. Tuomas Toivonen, Co-Founder at Scred (Finland): Scred is a “peer-to-peer financial service”. I invite you to check Tuomas’ blog.

28. Panos Kontopoulos, Business Unit Manager at paperplane (Greece): I invite you to check Panos’ blog in Greek, “Mental block”.

29. Denis Vacher, new means of payment at Orange (France): Denis worked at Cedicam for 11 years. He surely worked with one of my friend, Christian F-E. I invite you to check Denis’ blog.

30. Eric Di Benedetto, Angel Investor at Active Starts (USA): Eric has invested in many innovative companies such as Lending Club andClairMail.

Posted items
I posted 12 items so far. please find below the latest 3 items:
* Finextra: Pre-paid outfit Mint targets Facebook gamers
* Fiserv MyMoney Banking Application Built on Facebook Platform WinsThe Banker Technology Awards 2008
* Media Hunter: Social Media Success Stories: Bryan Inch, RaboPlus

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Discussion Board
I invite you to share your views on Facebook, and contribute to the first three topics:
Business Networking: Is Facebook really threatening up Linkedin? (3 posts)
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What would you like to find on the Visible Banking page? (1 post)

Thanks to Aden for his contribution to the Facebook vs Linkedin discussion!

Video challenge: 10 “good” reasons not to embrace social media!

I invite you to read my recent post entitled “Banking 2.0: 10 “good” reasons not to embrace social media“.
I listed the 10 reasons I hear the most frequently against social media in the banking industry.

My goal is to convince my peers that banks must embrace social media and web 2.0 now.
I created this post to start a discussion. An interactive online discussion.
Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment and add a new reason to the list:challenge me! I will post a video response for every single additional reason.

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Banking 2.0: social networking, we have already tried!

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