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  • ZMOT Google Zero Moment of Truth

    Google’s Head of Retail EMEA on the Zero Moment of Truth

    In this video, Andy Burgess – Google’s Head of Retail EMEA highlights the importance of the zero moment of truth in social commerce. I invite you to watch this youtube video recently uploaded by the Google Enterprise team on the Zero Moment of Truth, ‘Atmosphere London 2014 – Andy Burgess – Interview‘. Andy Burgess – […] More

  • Barclays Skeptic Customers Mobile Banking Experiment

    Barclays Convinces Skeptic Mobile Banking Customers [VIDEOS]

    Barclays bank aims to convince banking customers of the value of mobile banking with a tactical video marketing experiment tapping a limited form of the voice of the customer. Driving self-servicing is critical to any financial services firm, and mobile banking plays a critical part in strengthening the relationships with your banking customers. Barclays Bank […] More

  • Societe Generale Collecte 20,000 Avis en Agence via l’iPad [INTERVIEW]

    Ici, l’innovation réside au niveau du déploiement rapide d’iPads dans les principales agences Société Générale a travers la France.  Dans sa phase initiale, le dispositif fut déployé dans une centaine d’agences touchant environ 1 million clients.  En décembre, la SG annoncait 18,000 avis collectés via ce systeme.  Depuis, la barre des 20,000 commentaires a été […] More

  • Order Your Copy of “Customer Experience Without Borders: a Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services”

    Updated 03 October 2011 My dear peers, Visible Banking blog readers, @Visible_Banking followers and Visible Banking page community on facebook, I’m excited (and proud) to formally announce the availability of my very first book, “Customer Experience Without Borders: a Practical Guide to Social Media in Financial Services“! I invite you to find more information on the book on my publisher’s website,Searching finance. […] More

  • Danske Bank Launches Idebank 2.0 and Invites their Facebook Fans to Help Them Improve Mortgages & Housing

    On 12 May, Danske Bank launched the second edition of its innovativeIdebank crowdsourcing initiative on facebook. The concept was validated following the success of the first edition back in March 2011. I invite you to check my comprehensive post on Idebank 1st Edition – Mobile Banking. The goal of the leading Danish bank with Idebank application on facebook is to demonstrate […] More

  • Capturing & Leveraging “the Voice Of the Customer” (VOC): Are You Reactive or Proactive?

    If capturing and leveraging “the Voice Of the Customer” (VOC) is one of the most difficult challenges for financial institutions, it also became increasingly critical and it is a tremendous driver for differentiation today. We can distinguish two key approaches of VOC projects: being reactive or being proactive. The later offering the biggest opportunity to change brand perception and […] More