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  • 10 Things Banks Can Learn From Uber Limo Company Innovation

    10 Lessons Banks Can Learn From a Limo Company [Uber Innovation]

    Banking innovation. Aman Narain – Global Head of Digital Banking at Standard Chartered shares his excitment for a tech company ‘Uber’ aka the ‘Apple’ of Limo’s and its inspired focus on design, technology and business models. As you know, I am a big fan of the Standard Chartered Breeze team. My friend Aman Narain successfully […] More

  • Top 5 Financial Services Harlem Shake Videos on Visible Banking

    5 Financial Services Harlem Shake Videos: Fun Bankers, Investors, Insurance Agents!

    Even financial services firms embraced the Harlem Shake madness: we selected 5 fun videos from Standard Chartered bankers, eToro investors, and a StateFarm insurance agent in the US, Asia and EMEA. 1. Harlem Shake – Bank Edition (Banco Exterior – Venezuela) [Banking, LATAM] This video attracted over 4,300 views in just 48h. [tweet] 2. Kathy Powell State […] More

  • Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Customer Experience Excellence

    Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Banking Customer Experience

    Standard Chartered sets new benchmark for digital customer experience excellence as it launched the bank’s responsive, and social media banking integrated online banking website in India. The new website has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, and it integrates social media sites to facilitate better information sharing. According to Aman Narain, Group Head of Internet […] More

  • Standard Chartered Breeze Offers Mobile Banking Talents More MoVe Fellowships

    Standard Chartered Breeze Offers Mobile Banking Talents More MoVe Fellowships

    Standard Chartered Breeze offers mobile banking talents more MoVe fellowships. The bank is now looking for aspiring technopreneurs who loves solving problems using technology, believes that mobile can greatly change the way people live in the future. Move Ventures Fellowship 2013 (MoVe) is a result of the partnership of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (iDA) (@IDA_SINGAPORE) […] More

  • Standard Chartered Breeze Mobile Banking

    10 Questions To Standard Chartered On Social Media Banking, Mobile, Online

    For our third edition of our ‘5 Questions on Digital Innovation‘ (including social media, gamification, crowdsourcing), I interviewed Aman Narain, the Global Head of Online and Mobile Banking at Standard Chartered. From the very first time I met my now friend Aman Narain – Global Head of Online & Mobile Banking at Standard Chartered in […] More

  • Standard Chartered Mobile Banking Comic Book Superheroes - 1

    5 Q&As – Standard Chartered: Remote Banking, Employee Advocacy, Superheroes

    We are launching a new series of short interviews, ‘5 Questions on Digital Innovation‘, where we will follow up with the most innovative thought leaders from the global financial services industry.  Starting with the Standard Chartered Remote Banking Team. Earlier this month, we covered the latest innovative initiative from the brilliant Remote Banking Team at […] More

  • Standard Chartered Taps Crowdsourcing and Social Media Again to Recruit Top Talent

    18 months or so after their successful first crowdsourced recruitment contest, the ‘World’s Coolest Intern‘ (WCI), which generated 1,190 applications from over 65 countries, the Standard Chartered Breeze has just launched two new engaging talent contests including WCI 2.0 which fully leveraging crowdsourcing and social media again. A few weeks ago, Aman Narain’s dynamic team launched […] More

  • Standard Chartered Increases its Net Promoter Score by 1.5% in just 1 Month via its Online Banking Logout Page

    The regular readers of my Vsible Banking blog know how closely I’ve been following Aman Narain‘s Global Remote Banking Team in the last few years. In the last couple of years, by constantly innovating, they managed to establish Standard Chartered’s Breeze as one of the leading banks – if not The leading bank – in the mobile banking space. Indeed, Aman and his […] More