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  • Social Business IBM Verse Email Management

    Social Business: IBM Verse Video Tutorials [#NewWayToWork]

    NewWayToWork. The highly anticipated IBM verse email client aiming to accelerate social business transformation and drive social collaboration is close to launch. Watch those 6 videos. IBM Social Business has just published a series of YouTube videos. Those six videos highlight some of the key features of IBM’s new approach to email management coupled with […] More

  • Social Business Performance Scale Leader Networks

    50% of Firms Don’t Differentiate Social Media Marketing from Social Business [STUDY]

    50% of firms don’t differentiate social media marketing from social business: ten top insights from the 2014 social business benchmark study by the Leader Networks. The Leader Networks released the results of the 2014 edition of their social business benchmark study. Those results demonstrate once again that marketing still largely dominates the social media budget in most […] More