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  • BizCrowd RBS Bank Online Community Small Businesses Interview

    BizCrowd: RBS Bank’s Online Community For Small Businesses [Interview]

    Social media banking. BizCrowd: RBS Bank’s Online Community For UK Small Businesses. My video interview with RBS’ Head of Social Media at Royal Bank of Scotland. At a recent social media in financial services event in London where we were both speaking, I had the opportunity to spend some time with  Steve Philips – Head of […] More

  • Banking Barclays Connector Online Community Small Businesses Video

    Banking Barclays Connector: Another Online Community For Small Businesses

    Banking Barclays Connector: another online community for small businesses. With this free open business networking platform, Barclays became the latest leading UK bank to tap social media  to engage with the SME market. This morning, I noticed a recent youtube video upload from Barclays Bank in the UK: ‘barclays_connector_-_youtube_file_delivery_1280x720‘.  I suspect the video title will […] More

  • RBS Banks Open Banking Innovation Ideas Bank Crowdsourcing

    RBS Banks On Open Banking Innovation With Ideas Bank [Crowdsourcing]

    Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) banks on open banking innovation with Ideas Bank. Joining the crowdsourcing trend in banking, RBS launches an online portal where customers post their ideas on how the bank can improve its services. Limited to 260 characters, all postings are validated for abusive language before publication. The RBS Ideas Banks shows […] More

  • UK Banks Launch Social Media Community For Small Business Suppliers

    UK Banks Launch Social Media ‘Community’ For Small Business Suppliers

    RBS and NatWest are tapping social media in commercial banking with the launch of their ‘online community’ for small businesses and their suppliers, BizCrowd. Almost two months after RBS and NatWest’s initial announcement on ‘NatWest Business Sense‘, the bank’s glorified blog for UK businesses, the two banks officially launched their free online business supplier community, BizCrowd, a […] More

  • RBS unveils iPhone case for NFC payments

    RBS And Visa Push NFC Payments With Cases For 5th Generation iPhone

    The Royal Bank of Scotland Group or RBS together with Visa Europe is looking to offer mobile payments to its customer via its TouchPay scheme.  They aim to solve the lack of NFC capability of the iphone by giving their customers a NFC-enabled case. RBS and NatWest introduced TouchPay cases to Apple iPhone 4 and […] More