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  • Bitcoins Virtual Currency

    Are Donations via Bitcoin a Legit Way to Sponsor Politicians? [Virtual Currencies]

    Three recent high profile news put greater emphasis on the legitimacy of virtual currencies.  New Hampshire State Representative Mark Warden is now accepting campaign contributions in Bitcoin and hacker ransoms Romney tax returns for $1M in Bitcoins. In the last few days, the (in)famous virtual currency Bitcoin received a tremendous amount of (unwanted?) publicity. 05 […] More

  • Bring Your Own Device and Your Own POS

    VB Star and Barclays Spain’s Manuel Romero discuss the impact and the challenges of the evolution of the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ trend in banking: ‘Bring Your Own POS’. Last April IBM announced that Toshiba TEC is acquiring IBM’s Retail Store Solution Business, which offers retail point-of-sale solutions worldwide. The purchase price: US$850M. The announcement is a significant move […] More