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  • Global Top 20 Twitter Accounts Financial Services August 2013

    Global Top 20 Twitter Accounts in Financial Services [17.6M Twitter Followers]

    My Visible Banking Team now tracks over 3,000 twitter accounts (banking, insurance, investment, cards and payments) in 89 countries. Check our top 20 twitter accounts in financial services globally (August 2013). Back in March 2009, my Visible Banking team started tracking twitter accounts and facebook pages from the worldwide financial services industry.  We are proud to be tracking now 3,051 twitter accounts […] More

  • Banesco 300k Twitter Followers Social Media Banking

    Banesco Bank Reaches 300k Twitter Followers and 120k Tweets

    Social media banking. In early August 2013, Banesco bank reached two major milestones on twitter with 300k twitter followers and 120k tweets. My Visible Banking Team now tracks 3,000+ twitter accounts (banking, insurance, investment, cards and payments) globally: over 17 million twitter followers from 88 countries (1st August 2013) Congratulations to Banesco bank (@Banesco) for recently reaching no less than 300,000 twitter followers!  It positions […] More

  • Banco de Mexico Reaches 100,000 Twitter Followers April 2013

    Banco de Mexico, Central Bank, Reaches 100,000 Twitter Followers

    Social media banking. Earlier this month, Banco de Mexico reached 100,000 twitter followers and became one of the most followed central banks in the world. My Visible Banking Team now tracks 2,000+ twitter accounts (banking, insurance, investment, cards and payments) globally: 10m twitter followers from 88 countries (31st March 2013). Congratulations to the Banco de Mexico @Banxico team […] More

  • Interbank Peru Invites Banking Customers Use Twitter Facebook SocialMediaBanking

    Interbank Peru Invites Banking Customers to Use Twitter, Facebook and Relax [VIDEO]

    Social media banking. In a new YouTube video, Interbank Peru invites its banking customers to connect with them on twitter and facebook and allow more time for themselves. Interbank Peru has recently launched a new microsite, Reencuentrate, inviting Peruvians to reacquaint themselves, relax and allow more time for their passions, their fiends and family. The campaign includes a […] More

  • Social Customer Care: No Way Back. Pandora’s Box is Open.

    In a recent guest article for an industry leading magazine in the UK, I share my vision on social customer care, including twitter and facebook, and its importance to the financial services industry. Pandora’s box is open. There is no way back. Since I launched Visible Banking five years ago, I’ve been regularly invited to write […] More

  • Banesco is the Leading Bank in LATAM with 100k Followers [Twitter Top 10]

    You will find below our financial services Twitter Top 10 in the Latin America (LATAM) region.  Currently, Banesco is the clear leader with a sizable follower base of over 100,000. Since March 2009, my team have been tracking and benchmarking how the global financial services industry is using social media to engage with their customers […] More

  • Introducing the ‘Voice of the Customer’ Series on Visible Banking

    I am delighted to officially launch the ‘Voice of the Customer’ (VOC) series on Visible Banking where real people, regular customers, will share their thoughts and expectations on high profile social media activities from banks and insurers all over the world. No social media gurus allowed here! I’ve been covering and championing the topics of social media and digital engagement […] More