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  • Hackathon eToro Social Investment Network Open Innovation

    Top 5 Lessons From the eToro Hackathon [Open Innovation]

    Social investors. The eToro team shares on Visible Banking the top 5 lessons from their recent 48h hackathon tapping open innovation in the investment industry. In the last 18 months, I’ve followed the many achievements and key milestones of eToro the leading -and unarguably the most innovative- independent online community for investors with over 2.7 million members […] More

  • Disclosure on Social Media For Investors: Lawyers Disagree with Financial Regulator

    Disclosure on Social Media For Investors: Lawyers Disagree with Financial Regulator

    Social advisors. US lawyers disagree with the financial regulator about disclosure on social media for investors, claim twitter for investors is not a format for disclosure, it is too casual. Last week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (@SEC_News) gave its quasi-blessing on disclosure on social media for investors while lawyers disagreed with the financial regulator. The […] More

  • Top Investment Firm Offers Daily Social Media Compliant Content For Financial Advisors

    Top Investment Firm Offers Daily Compliant Social Media Content For Financial Advisors

    Social advisors. M&G Investments partnered with Panacea, an online community for financial advisors. They will provide social media compliant content daily for linkedin, twitter, facebook. The product aims to help the advisor community reach their customers through email marketing, blogs, and social media websites. Subscribers of Panacea Social Stream receive daily compliance-checked content that advisor […] More

  • Study: 61% of Financial Advisors are Using Social Media Every Week

    Study: More Financial Advisors are Using Twitter For Investors [Social Media]

    Social advisors. A study from American Century Investments reveals that 34% of financial advisors are now using twitter to connect with investors.  61% are using social media weekly. Four out of ten professionals use social media for business purposes, an increase from the 31% last year. However, the number of financial advisors using social media […] More

  • Bloomberg Now Powers Twitter For Investors

    Bloomberg Now Powers Twitter For Investors

    Social media financial services. Bloomberg terminals will soon include twitter data and a social media monitoring service for the Wall Street traders. Big Wall Street banks still ban the use of social media sites at work, but some more progressive finance firms started to provide some of their employees with social media access, under strict guidelines […] More

  • Russian Teenager Launches Twitter For Investor Communications [Social Media]

    Russian Teenager Launches Twitter For Investor Communications [Social Media]

    Social Media Finance Services. Kirill Chekanov, a Russian teenager, launches Hippflow a micro-blogging community self branded Twitter for investors communications. Still in beta testing, the project is seeking new investors and customers. Hippflow (@Hippflow) is designed for investors. It helps them create their own pages, post updated on company events, set meetings with partners, and complete investment […] More

  • Grupo BBVA Spreads and Promotes Crowdfunding [Customer Voice]

    The Spanish Banking Group BBVA it’s trying to take advantage from crowdfunding with the creation of two platforms used to shorten distance between traditional banking and funding and a new a kind of banking, more social and transparent, able to create a feel of community in users. This last years are for a lot of persons, years […] More

  • Social Customer Care: No Way Back. Pandora’s Box is Open.

    In a recent guest article for an industry leading magazine in the UK, I share my vision on social customer care, including twitter and facebook, and its importance to the financial services industry. Pandora’s box is open. There is no way back. Since I launched Visible Banking five years ago, I’ve been regularly invited to write […] More