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  • google mobile algorithm 2015

    Mobile SEO 2015: Get Ready for Google’s Algorithm Change [Infographic]

    On April 21, Google will unveil their updated search algorithm which will dramatically impact non “mobile friendly” websites. Make sure to revise your mobile SEO strategy. Google will release soon an extensively updated search algorithm which will include a range of changes focusing essentially on rewarding mobile performance. Don’t underestimate the impact on your traffic, should your […] More

  • Three Streams Digital Disruption Infographic

    10 Top Insights Driving the Digital Disruption [INFOGRAPHIC]

    This infographic on digital disruption highlights the key results from the German digitisation consumer report 2014 published recently by Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. To support the recent launch of their German digitisation consumer report 2014, the Roland Berger team put together an infographic entitled ‘The Three Streams of Digital Disruption‘.   You will find below […] More

  • AIB Bank Mobile Banking Digital

    AIB Bank Reaches Mobile Banking Milestone with 500,000 Active Users

    Ireland’s AIB Bank has recently reached a digital banking milestone with 500,000 active mobile banking users. Last week, AIB Bank released a youtube video promoting their latest digital banking achievement, ‘500,000 users actively using AIB Mobile Banking‘. Congratulations to AIB for reaching this major mobile banking milestone.  But their video doesn’t tell us much. Please […] More

  • infographic retail banking branch digital signage 3-step to success

    2 INFOGRAPHICS on Retail Banking Branches: Digital Signage & New Design

    Two Q1 2014 infographics on the retail banking branch network in the US and the best ways to leverage digital signage to engage with your branch customers. While most banking and other fintech experts argue that banking branches are rapidly becoming obsolete, I invite you to check out those two insigthful infographics. The New Divers […] More

  • Infographic Twitter Financial Services Worldwide March 2013

    INFOGRAPHIC Twitter in Financial Services: 10M Twitter Followers, 2K Accounts Globally

    Twitter financial services. My Visible Banking Team now tracks 2,000+ twitter accounts (banking, insurance, investment…) globally: 10m twitter followers from 88 countries (31st March 2013). Back in March 2009, my Visible Banking team started tracking twitter accounts and facebook pages from the worldwide financial services industry.  We are proud to be tracking now 2,040 twitter accounts in […] More

  • Social Media Insurance Leaders And Customer Engagement

    INFOGRAPHIC: Social Media Insurance Leaders And Customer Engagement

    A new survey with infographic in the US assesses the performance of insurance companies in terms of Twitter, Youtube, Facebook achievements.  he rankings reflect the level of digital customer engagement from the social media insurance leaders. The report called “Who’s covered? Insurance Social Media Showdown determined insurers who have established the most meaning social media […] More

  • UK Insurers Struggle With Digital / Social Customer Care [SURVEY]

    UK Insurers Struggle With Digital / Social Customer Care [SURVEY]

    UK insurers struggle with digital and social customer care (via facebook or twitter) with only 48% of the basic online questions answered satisfactorily. Research, carried out by Eptica (@EpticaUK) Multichannel Customer Service Study, found that the performance of insurers is declining with the number of questions answered dropping by 2% from the 50% of the […] More

  • Linkedin Reaches 200M Members 2M In Financial Services

    INFOGRAPHIC: Linkedin Reaches 200M Members, 2M In Financial Services

    LinkedIn reaches 200 million members including 2 million members from the financial services sector. These numbers represent over 200 countries and territories, and are presented in 19 different languages. The bulk of LinkedIn members, about 74 million, are from the United States, 7 million from Canada, 11 million from Brazil, 11 million from United Kingdom, […] More

  • INFOGRAPHIC Twitter Followers: Top 10 Financial Institutions vs Top 10 Brands

    Social media infographic. My Visible Banking Team tapped our unique insights on twitter followers in financial services to create an insightful twitter infographic. Many people think there is little point for financial institutions to be on twitter as financial brands are not ‘cool’ and nobody wants to like their bank or insurance company.  Last month, we […] More