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  • Top Fintech Events February 2020


    Top Fintech Events in February 2020

    Top Fintech Events and Conferences Globally. Also Paytech, Regtech and Insurtech.

    Top fintech events and fintech conferences in February 2020: Regtech 2.0, Fintech Week Tel Aviv, Paytech Innovation, MoneyLive Indonesia, Blockchain Economy Summit. More

  • Fintech News Daily 2019 October 07-13


    Fintech News Daily 2019: 07-13 October (Open list) (21 submissions)

    Top fintech news and insights from the global financial services industry

    Top fintech news daily 2019 from 07-13 October curated by the team with the help of our fintech community. In this series, we aim to curate only the very best, most insightful fintech news from all over the world. We also invite you to check out our other series covering some of the most [...]
  • Bank Negara Indonesia Twitter Followers 200k Social Media Banking May 2014

    Bank Negara Indonesia Reaches 200k Twitter Followers with @BNI46

    Social media banking. In April 2014, Bank Negara Indonesia reached a major social media milestone with 200k twitter followers on the @BNI46 twitter account. As part of our Visible Banking Twitter Watch series, my Team now tracks well over 3,000+ twitter accounts (banking, insurance, investment, cards and payments) globally: over 220 million twitter followers from 88 countries (1st May 2014). Congratulations to […] More