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  • VB Interview #6 – Shawn Ward, Co-Founder of Geezeo (Finovate 07)

    I I shot my first video interview of the day with Shawn Ward, Co-Founder of Geezeo, a free web-basedpersonal finance application. I also spent some time during the show,and the cocktail party, with the other Co-Founder, Peter Glyman. According to Shawn, Geezeo was the first company to aggregate text messages. During the conference, what a perfect timing, Shawn announced […] More

  • Finovate 07: great networking with the hottest banking 2.0 companies

    Finovate 2007 was a huge success: it was well attended, the lineup was impressive, and the speakers made themselves available during the networking sessions. Well done Jim! I invite you to check William Azaroff‘s live coverage of the event (Part 1 & Part 2) on NetBanker as well as Brandon McGee‘s live coverage on the Mobile Money and Banking blog. Excellent networking opportunity The 7-minutes sessions work out […] More

  • Finovate 2007 in New York

    This week, I am blogging from the vibrant New York City. I have been invited by Jim Bruene to attend and cover his event, Finovate 2007. Tonight, I had the pleasure to have dinner with Jean-Christophe Capelli, a famous French blogger. JC was one of the founders of BarCamp Bank in Paris. I can’t wait to meet the speakers tomorrow: Jim […] More

  • Finovate 2007: the excellent banking 2.0 event organized by Jim Bruene

    More than a month ago I found out about the excellent Finovate 2007, a one day event in New York, on Jim Bruene‘s NetBanker blog. Jim invited me to attend and added me to the list of bloggers. On October 2nd, twenty of the most innovative companies in the financial space will demo their newest products in only 7 […] More