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  • Lloyds Banking Group Skills Digital Champions Go ON UK

    Lloyds Will Train 20,000 ‘digital champions’ by 2017

    Lloyds Banking Group announced its commitment to train 20,000 ‘digital champions’ by 2017 to empower its customers online and on mobile with better digital skills. Last week, Lloyds Banking Group has announced that one in every four of their colleagues will be dedicated to helping people and institutions use the internet to improve their digital […] More

  • Lloyds Banking Group Digital Innovation Culture Manager

    Lloyds Banking Group Hires Digital Innovation Culture Manager

    Lloyds Banking Group demonstrates its commitment to create best-of-breed digital products and services by adding a Digital Innovation Culture Manager to its growing innovation team. In the last couple of years, Lloyds Banking Group has demonstrated its strategic commitment to push the digital transformation envelope in order to become the UK leader in digital banking with […] More

  • SAP Financial Services Forum London 2014

    Top Keynote Speakers: SAP Financial Services Forum London 2014’s Christophe Langlois was invited to join the line up of top keynote speakers at the SAP Financial Services Forum 2014 and discuss the business impact of social media on customer experience. Following a few successful speaking engagements with them over the years, SAP invited me to deliver the final keynote session on the first […] More

  • Credit Agricole Centre Est Promotes Digital Banking Services Social Media

    Credit Agricole Fosters the Appeal for Digital Banking Nationwide [VIDEO]

    One regional bank from the Credit Agricole banking group released a youtube video promoting their digital banking services outside the largest French cities. I invite you to watch the Credit Agricole Centre-Est’s video available on YouTube, ‘Agence Locale et Digitale Crédit Agricole Centre Est‘. The description reads: “Proximity is at the heart of value creation: […] More

  • Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Customer Experience Excellence

    Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Banking Customer Experience

    Standard Chartered sets new benchmark for digital customer experience excellence as it launched the bank’s responsive, and social media banking integrated online banking website in India. The new website has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, and it integrates social media sites to facilitate better information sharing. According to Aman Narain, Group Head of Internet […] More

  • Commonwealth Bank Social Media Innovation Marketing Stats 2012

    7 Questions To CommBank’s CMO On Social Media Banking, P2P, Mobile

    For our fifth edition of our ‘5 Questions on Digital Innovation‘ (including social media banking, gamification, crowdsourcing, P2P, mobile), I interviewed the inspirational Andy Lark, the Chief Marketing and Online Officer at Commonwealth Bank of Australia. From the very first time I met Andy Lark – Chief Marketing and Online Officer at Commonwealth Bank of […] More