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  • Regions, Wells Fargo Experiment with Social Media and ATM Mashups

    Innovative US Banks Mash Up Mobile Social Media With Their ATMs

    Banks such as Regions Financial and Wells Fargo are using social media channels like Twitter with mobile phones to engage customers. Regions Financial will include social media in tandem with their ATM messaging next year. Region’s new innovation includes messages to ‘follow’ Birmingham, Ala. Bank on Twitter and ‘like’ Regions on Facebook while transacting on […] More

  • Commonwealth Bank, NAB switch on to social media

    Commonwealth Bank Gears Up To Social Media 24/7 [Customer Care]

    Commonwealth Bank is ready to take its social customer care strategy to the next level and provide 24/7 customer support on social media channels. The bank uses Facebook and Twitter to deliver answers and information directly to their customers. The bank, which currently has 225,000 “likes” on Facebook is looking at social media. And according […] More

  • BPI Facebook Bankers Online App

    BPI Latest Major Bank To Tap Social Customer Care on Facebook

    Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) adds a Facebook Customer Care in their lists of services. This social customer care app named ‘BPI Bankers Online’ promotes financial literacy by answering questions fielded by clients of the bank or not. Another bank has joined the social media banking craze. The Ayala-led Bank of the Philippine Islands […] More

  • Social Media Expectations from a Banking Customer in Pakistan

    About a month ago, Kamran – a real banking customer in Pakistan – shared his views and expectations with us on the topic of social media in banking.  Being provided with social customer care appeals to him, but not accessing his accounts on facebook or twitter. Social media have spread across like a fast growing […] More

  • 89.6% des 1,300 Clients TooKam Recommande la Première Banque 2.0 en France

    Aujourd’hui le Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne présente les résultats de, la première banque 2.0 en France lancée officiellement le 1er avril 2011.  Les chiffres sont positifs avec 1,300 nouveaux clients, et 9 clients sur 10 prêts à devenir ambassadeurs de la marque TooKam. J’aime beaucoup Jean Philippe, le passionné et passionnant Directeur Général du […] More

  • Social Customer Care: No Way Back. Pandora’s Box is Open.

    In a recent guest article for an industry leading magazine in the UK, I share my vision on social customer care, including twitter and facebook, and its importance to the financial services industry. Pandora’s box is open. There is no way back. Since I launched Visible Banking five years ago, I’ve been regularly invited to write […] More

  • Banques et Réseaux Sociaux: Pas Assez de Convergence?

    Dans ce tout premier article écrit par un vrai client bancaire, sa banque étant la Caisse D’Epargne, Pierre partage son opnion sur les banques et les réseaux sociaux. Découvrez le regret de Pierre quant au manque de convergence. Un peu plus tôt ce mois-ci, j’ai annoncé le lancement imminent d’un nouveau type d’articles sur le […] More

  • La Société Générale Communique Enfin sur son Compte Twitter dans La Presse

    Cette semaine, la Société Générale a enfin lancé une nouvelle campagne de communication qui inclue la promotion de son compte twitter dans la presse française. Vous vous demandez la raison qui me pousse à couvrir une campagne presse sur le blog Visible Banking?  L’un des canaux de communication client mis en avant est le compte twitter […] More

  • Umpqua Bank’s CEO is Waiting for Your Call [Transparency]

    Now as a customer of Umpqua Bank, you can call the CEO and speak with him from the bank’s very own branch network.  So, would this initiative focused on transprarency make you open another account with Umpqua or switch from your current bank? When was the last time you wrote to the CEO of your bank?  Probably […] More