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  • Top 30 Crowdfunding Twitter Accounts To Follow Curation

    Top 30 #Crowdfunding Twitter Accounts To Follow [Curation]

    My team found over 1,000 twitter accounts focused on #crowdfunding all over the world.  We put together a list of the Top 30 most followed accounts to follow. On Visible Banking, we curate the best news and opinions on social media and digital innovation in the worldwide financial services industry (banking, insurance, cards & payments, […] More

  • Grupo BBVA Spreads and Promotes Crowdfunding [Customer Voice]

    The Spanish Banking Group BBVA it’s trying to take advantage from crowdfunding with the creation of two platforms used to shorten distance between traditional banking and funding and a new a kind of banking, more social and transparent, able to create a feel of community in users. This last years are for a lot of persons, years […] More

  • BBVA Launches Another Crowdfunding Platform, This Time for Non-Profits

    A couple of days ago, my good friend Jose Antonio Gallego – Social Media Manager at BBVA in Spain (and one of our ‘Visible Banking Stars’) informed me of the official launch of the bank’s latest initiative in the social media space ‘BBVA Suma‘ (or BBVA ‘Sum’ in English), a crowdfunding platform for non-profits. This is the second crowdfunding […] More

  • Holvi: One Stop Shop for Groups – Crowdfunding, Budgeting, Expensing

    The Holvi team ‘built a bank’ in 10 months.  At Finovate, they demoed their ‘checking account for group activites’ assists groups with raising money / crowdfunding, distributing cash, processing expense reports & tracking/categorizing/sharing it. A couple of weeks ago, I covered Finovate Europe 2012 live on the Visible Banking blog.  At the end of another long day packed with innovative […] More

  • l’Epargne Solidaire ‘a la Banca Civica’ en ‘Marque Blanche’ fournit aux institutions financières françaises une plateforme de crowdfunding facilitant l’épargne solidaire sur le modèle de Caja Navarra (maintenant au sein du groupe bancaire ‘Banca Civica’). La semaine dernière, je me suis déplacé à Paris pour contribuer a la 7eme edition du BarCampBank Paris ou j’ai passé une excellente journée avec près d’une centaine de passionés […] More

  • French P2P Lending Pioneer Reopens After Long Quiet Period [INTERVIEW], the French P2P lending community started a ‘quiet period’ back in April 2011.  Yesterday, after nine months of hard work behind close doors, they are open for business again. In the last couple of years, many P2P lending companies had to shut down temporarily due to pressure from the regulator.  It happened to the […] More

  • BBVA Launches ‘BBVA Friends & Family’: Crowdfunding with a Twist

    About a week ago, my friend Jose Antonio Gallego – Social Media Manager at BBVA, a regular on Visible Banking, informed me of today’s official launch of BBVA’s latest social media project ‘BBVA Friends & Family‘. I had the opportunity to record a video interview with Jose Antonio and his colleague Carlos Kuchkovsky – Head of Mobile Added Value Service who have both been […] More

  • VB Interview #8 – Patrick Gannon, SVP Lending at LendingClub (Finovate 07)

    LendingClub is one of the leading players in the Social Lending space, with Zopa in the UK and of course Prosper in the US. It was a pleasure to meet with John Donovan, COO, and Patrick Gannon, SVP Lending. Unfortunately, Renaud Laplanche, CEO and a fellow Frenchman, couldn’t attend the event. Another good example of how to leverage Facebook There was a lot of […] More