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  • Retooling Social Media to Attract Clients

    Only 8% Of US Financial Advisors Are ‘Tapping Social Media Successfully’?

    Social media, if done properly, is a powerful tool yet only 8% of US financial advisors are using it to their advantage. In a report titled: “Social Media & Financial Advisors: Early Adopters vs. Casual Users,” it identifies six factors that differentiates an early adopter from a casual user. According to the report, early adopters […] More

  • Top Indian Banks Opinions on Social Media Banking

    Words Of Wisdom From India’s Leading Banks [Social Media Banking]

    India’s leading banks came together in Mint’s IT in Banking Conclave to discuss the effects of internet, particularly social media, to banking in India. Panellists said, even though of the security issues posed by the use of social media, it is here to stay. The use of new media and the internet can significantly make […] More

  • Top Russian Bank Fires PR Employee Over Twitter Joke

    In case you missed it, last month Sberbank -one of the top leading banks in Russia- fired an employee working in PR over a joke he made on the bank’s corporate twitter account. A PR manager of Sberbank, one of Russia’s top banks, was fired after posting a joke on the bank’s corporate Twitter account […] More

  • Social Media Top 5 Risk in Banking

    Social Media Enters Top 5 Risks for Senior Banking Executives [Deloitte Survey]

    Survey – Over a quarter of all the Senior Banking Executives recently interviewed by Deloitte identify social media as a top risk for their bank, on par with financial risk. Yesterday, Deloitte in partnership with Forbes Insights released the results of their latest survey entitled ‘Aftershock: Adjusting to the New World of Risk Management‘. Please find below some […] More

  • Know Your Followers KYF Best Twitter Followers Social Media ROI VB

    Know Your Followers/Fans (KYF) is to Social Media What KYC is to Compliance

    Best Twitter Followers. Know Your Followers (KYF) is to social media in financial services what Know Your Customers (KYC) is to compliance. How many of your twitter followers or facebook fans are already your clients? Among those audiences, who are the most influential followers (activity, size of audience)? Who among your fans contribute the most frequently on your facebook […] More