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  • Barclaycard’s Credit Card Tapping Crowdsourcing & Gamification is Available Now

    A couple of days ago, I received an email from Barclaycard US announcing that US residents could now apply for their new social credit card tapping crowdsourcing ‘Ring’, in partnership with MasterCard. Last month, Barclaycard US announced the imminent launch of allegedly one of the most innovative credit cards ever launched ‘Barclaycard Ring‘ which aims […] More

  • Where is my (Digital) Wallet?

    If you are a regular reader of this blog you will not be surprised about how much innovation surrounds the banking industry and how technology is reshaping it. There are many examples but today I would like to focus on what mobile means for banks and the different strategies we are seeing including the rise […] More

  • Pygg Helps Australian Students Pay their Friends via Twitter or Facebook

    Pygg, one of the latest social media innovations in banking has raised many eyebrows, with its pledge to transfer small amounts of money through SMS, E-mail, twitter and facebook.  University students find the service useful and fun. Tim Howard  (son of former Prime Minister John Howard) and Rohan Lund(chief executive of Seven West Media’s digital arm Yahoo!7) […] More

  • Social Customer Care: No Way Back. Pandora’s Box is Open.

    In a recent guest article for an industry leading magazine in the UK, I share my vision on social customer care, including twitter and facebook, and its importance to the financial services industry. Pandora’s box is open. There is no way back. Since I launched Visible Banking five years ago, I’ve been regularly invited to write […] More

  • American Express Leverages Twitter Brilliantly (Again) with ‘Sync’

    In early March 2012, American Express confirmed its position as king of social media in financial services. The leading us-based cards and payments company launched  another brilliant initiative on twitter: ‘Sync’ which enables cardholders to connect their credit card to their twitter accounts and enjoy discounts at Amex’s leading merchants by tweeting specific hashtags. I […] More

  • Banesco is the Leading Bank in LATAM with 100k Followers [Twitter Top 10]

    You will find below our financial services Twitter Top 10 in the Latin America (LATAM) region.  Currently, Banesco is the clear leader with a sizable follower base of over 100,000. Since March 2009, my team have been tracking and benchmarking how the global financial services industry is using social media to engage with their customers […] More

  • Introducing the ‘Voice of the Customer’ Series on Visible Banking

    I am delighted to officially launch the ‘Voice of the Customer’ (VOC) series on Visible Banking where real people, regular customers, will share their thoughts and expectations on high profile social media activities from banks and insurers all over the world. No social media gurus allowed here! I’ve been covering and championing the topics of social media and digital engagement […] More

  • PayPal Launches ‘Exclusive’, But not so Rewarding, Merchant Panel 1.0

    Last week, I received an ‘exclusive’ invitation to join PayPal’s new Merchant Panel.  So in a world of crowdsourcing and innovation platforms, how inviting and engaging is this new initiative?  How appealing is the reward? Just like Apple, PayPal isn’t exactly well-known for its brilliant social media strategy.  They are both brilliantly successful brands which haven’t started […] More