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  • SAP Financial Services Forum London 2014

    Top Keynote Speakers: SAP Financial Services Forum London 2014’s Christophe Langlois was invited to join the line up of top keynote speakers at the SAP Financial Services Forum 2014 and discuss the business impact of social media on customer experience. Following a few successful speaking engagements with them over the years, SAP invited me to deliver the final keynote session on the first […] More

  • Christophe Langlois ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Social Business Banking

    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Global Social Business Banking Edition’s Christophe Langlois took up the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and challenged four global social business banking leaders from Barclays, Standard Chartered, Axa and IBM. Unarguably, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge viral phenomenon is much bigger in the US than anywhere  else. I decided to jump on the bandwagon and accept the Ice Bucket Challenge […] More

  • Barclays Skeptic Customers Mobile Banking Experiment

    Barclays Convinces Skeptic Mobile Banking Customers [VIDEOS]

    Barclays bank aims to convince banking customers of the value of mobile banking with a tactical video marketing experiment tapping a limited form of the voice of the customer. Driving self-servicing is critical to any financial services firm, and mobile banking plays a critical part in strengthening the relationships with your banking customers. Barclays Bank […] More

  • AIB Bank Mobile Banking Digital

    AIB Bank Reaches Mobile Banking Milestone with 500,000 Active Users

    Ireland’s AIB Bank has recently reached a digital banking milestone with 500,000 active mobile banking users. Last week, AIB Bank released a youtube video promoting their latest digital banking achievement, ‘500,000 users actively using AIB Mobile Banking‘. Congratulations to AIB for reaching this major mobile banking milestone.  But their video doesn’t tell us much. Please […] More

  • financial times 2014 retail banking conference

    The Social Media Challenge at the FT 2014 Retail Banking Conference

    Visible Banking’s Christophe Langlois will share his views on the opportunities and the challenges of social media at the Financial Times 2014 Retail Banking Conference. I’ve been invited by the Financial Times Live Team to come share my vision and my personal experience of social media banking on stage at the 2014 Retail Banking Conference, in […] More

  • Barclays Your Bank Ideabank Crowdsourcing Banking Innovation

    Barclays Taps Crowdsourcing with the ‘Your Bank’ Ideabank [Banking Innovation]

    Barclays officially launched its ‘Your Bank’ platform, an ideabank inviting banking customers to help drive innovation at the UK bank. Yesterday, Barclays bank UK kick started its latest nationwide brand campaign by posting on its official YouTube channel a series of videos highlighting its new banking customer crowdsourcing platform, Barclays ‘Your Bank‘.       […] More

  • Global Top 20 Twitter Accounts Financial Services August 2013

    Global Top 20 Twitter Accounts in Financial Services [17.6M Twitter Followers]

    My Visible Banking Team now tracks over 3,000 twitter accounts (banking, insurance, investment, cards and payments) in 89 countries. Check our top 20 twitter accounts in financial services globally (August 2013). Back in March 2009, my Visible Banking team started tracking twitter accounts and facebook pages from the worldwide financial services industry.  We are proud to be tracking now 3,051 twitter accounts […] More

  • Barclays Football Twitter Followers August 2013

    Barclays Bank Reaches 100k Twitter Followers with Barclays Football

    Social media banking. In August 2013, Barclays bank reached a major milestone with 100k twitter followers for their Barclays Football twitter account. My Visible Banking Team now tracks 3,000+ twitter accounts (banking, insurance, investment, cards and payments) globally: over 17 million twitter followers from 88 countries (1st August 2013) Congratulations to Barclays bank (@BarclaysFooty) for recently reaching no less than 100,000 twitter followers! […] More

  • Barclays Bank UK Facebook Page August 2013

    Social Banking Customer Rates Barclays Bank Facebook Page 6/10

    Voice of the Customer. The Visible Banking team invited a banking customer and social media user to review the Barclays Bank UK facebook page. If you are a regular reader of the Visible Banking blog, you know how keen I always am to find more valuable and insightful ways to cover social media in financial […] More