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  • Gamification BBVA Game Wins Banking Innovation Award with its 100k Players

    Gamification: BBVA Game Wins Banking Innovation Award with its 100k Players

    Banking gamification. BBVA Game wins banking innovation award with its 100,000 active players just six month after launch. The game aims to encourage the use of the bank’s online services. Spanish bank BBVA (@bbva) promotes a new initiative called BBVA Game which awards customers prizes for doing web operations and watching videos about their bank and products. […] More


    Thomson Reuters Wins Social Media Award in Trading And Technology

    The Financial News Awards for Excellence in Trading and Technology was presented in London last October 3, 2012. Voted by a panel of 50 judges, the Thomson Reuters machine readable news service was awarded for best use of social media in trading and technology. The Financial News Awards for Excellence in Trading and Technology has […] More

  • InformationWeek 500 2012 Award Winners

    78 Insurers And Bankers Make InformationWeek’s 500 2012 [Innovation]

    The InformationWeek 500 list is an annual listing of businesses that are the most innovative users of technology. This year’s top 500 has 39 insurers and 39 bankers that continue to innovate to improve their services. Insurers and bankers are usually not adaptive to technological changes that in an industry poll 64% of the respondents […] More

  • BAI-Finacle Global Banking Innovation 2012

    Revealed: Finalists For BAI Global Banking Innovations Awards 2012

    Nine financial institutions have been chosen as the finalists for the BAI and Infosys Global Banking Innovations Awards 2012. These awards are given to institutions that recognizes and supports innovation in the retail banking industry. From these nine finalists, winners will be chosen at the 2012 BAI – Finacle Global Banking Innovation Awards. The award […] More

  • Saxo Bank and Maybank Scoop 5 Social Media Awards

    Today my team noticed two updates from Saxo Bank and Maybank which were both recognized for their social media activity respectively at the Social Forex Awards 2011 and the Asian Financial Services Congress 2012. It is that time of the year, the awards season.  And if France did extremely well at the recent 84th Academy Awards ceremony, bagging […] More

  • Congratulations to the 2011 Winners of the Global Finance ‘World’s Best Internet Banks’ Competition (Including Social Media)

    On 22 July 2011, Global Finance (also on twitter @gfmag) released the 2011 edition of its World’s Bank Internet Banks rankings. The rankings ahve been released by 5 regions in the world: North America,Europe, Asia, Latin America, Middle East & Africa, and Central and Eastern Europe. I found out about this announcement on 26th July via facebook, thanks to an update from one […] More