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  • BNP Paribas Invites You to Open a Bank Account in just One Tweet

    This afternoon, I had a productive meeting in Paris with one of the largest banking groups in France. And I’m confident we will deliver a few social media projects for this financial institution within the next couple of months. One of their hottest topics is if and how a bank can generate business on social […] More

  • Capturing & Leveraging “the Voice Of the Customer” (VOC): Are You Reactive or Proactive?

    If capturing and leveraging “the Voice Of the Customer” (VOC) is one of the most difficult challenges for financial institutions, it also became increasingly critical and it is a tremendous driver for differentiation today. We can distinguish two key approaches of VOC projects: being reactive or being proactive. The later offering the biggest opportunity to change brand perception and […] More

  • ING’s “Pick your financial advisors” blog

    ING is one of the most dynamic and innovative European banks in terms ofweb 2.0 and buzz/viral marketing. They have a Dutch “mini-state” on Second Life, they recently launched a viral marketing site with its own profile on YouTube… On regular basis, I check the ING Asia/Pacific’s blog initiated by Jacques Kamp, CEO ING Asia/Pacific. A couple of weeks ago, I found […] More