Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Customer Experience Excellence

Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Banking Customer Experience

Standard Chartered sets new benchmark for digital customer experience excellence as it launched the bank’s responsive, and social media banking integrated online banking website in India.

Standard Chartered Sets New Benchmark For Digital Customer Experience ExcellenceThe new website has a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, and it integrates social media sites to facilitate better information sharing.

According to Aman Narain, Group Head of Internet and Mobile Banking, the bank aims to create a more intuitive and personalized user experience. The new website allows content to be read on various browsers and devices, providing a better user experience and a cost-efficient way to provide information and serve customers.

The Regional Head of Consumer Banking South East Asia, Sanjeeb Chaudhuri, stated that Standard Chartered (@StanChart) chose India as the first market for the launching of the website as it has a growing segment of globally-connected consumers.

The mobile internet traffic in India is 60%, surpassing the 40% of desktop internet traffic. The Smartphone market is also expected to grow by 60% this year with about 26.5 million handsets ready to be shipped, making India the fifth largest smartphone market after China, USA, Japan, and Brazil.

The new website,, marks the beginning of a unified user experience which makes banking more convenient anytime and anywhere. The new websites will be rolled out this year across Taiwan, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, China, and Hong Kong.

Key Stats

  • India has 60% mobile online traffic this year, surpassing the 40% of desktop online traffic
  • About 26.5 million handsets will be shipped to India, making the country the 5th largest Smartphone market in the world

Aman Narain, Group Head of Internet and Mobile Banking: “With the smartphone and tablet revolution resulting in the explosion of mobile browsing, Standard Chartered has launched a fully responsive, device agnostic internet banking website which works just as beautifully on computers, tablets and smartphones.”

Sanjeeb Chaudhuri, Regional Head of Consumer Banking South East Asia: “Standard Chartered selected India as the first market for the global launch of our new consumer banking websites in recognition of the country’s growing segment of globally-connected customers who are on-the-go, tech-savvy, socially networked and who demand transaction freedom.”

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What kind of impact will a new breed of digital customer experience like the new Standard Chartered bank’s responsive and social media banking integrated website have on the banking industry?  It might well become the norm within 3-5 years.

Would an industry leading online and mobile customer experience, including a more intuitive and engaging website, influence your choice when looking for a new bank?

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