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Standard Bank Promotes Mobile App with Fun Twitter Outreach Strategy

Standard bank promotes its new mobile banking app with fun, close to real time, social media outreach strategy targeting customers and top influencers on twitter.

Last week, I noticed a series of new and rather unusual videos on the youtube channel of South Africa’s Standard Bank.  The bank has adopted a fresh, original approach when promoting the key features of their new mobile banking app: they are using puppets with fun voices and reading witty scripts.

I invite you to check their videos including the one below.

Set goals and Save on Impulse

But the more interesting part of this campaign resides in the bank’s capacity to publish video responses to customers and influencers talking about their mobile app within 24h.  I invite you to watch the featured video at the top, “Hi Christophe Langlois, I’m coming to see you in London“.  Personally, I was impressed.  🙂

The video description 
Christophe Langlois tweeted: Check out @StandardBankGrp’s ‘Muppets’ video: “You knew it was going to be a hit, didn’t you @GaryMeyerZA?” #twitter
For tablet banking wherever you are, visit to download our new app.


Even though most of the videos in the puppet series currently enjoy a limited number of views, let alone engagement (likes or comments), my video made me laugh and here I am sharing my experience on my blog…  kudos to Standard Bank for trying out something different to support the launch of their mobile banking app within the overall conservative bank marketing activities.

As often with social media campaigns in financial services, if the concept is good, Standard Bank might be let down by the apparent lack of distribution and engagement around this original content.

It seems like most of the budget is dedicated to producing those customized videos in a timely manner: the content is not optimized on YouTube, the videos are probably not seeded, there are no cross social media channel communications or proactive follow up with the customers and influencers once the videos are produced.  I’m not even sure the bank identified and reached out to all its top influencers in South Africa and globally to spread the word and fully maximize the impact and the return on investment of their innovative marketing approach.

The research e.g. influencer identification and the design of an optimized influencer outreach strategy should always be part of your social media campaign planning.

What do you think of the fun twitter outreach strategy Standard Bank adopted to promote its mobile banking app?  I invite you to join the conversation here, on twitter or on google+.

What do you think?

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