Spain’s New Generation Banking: Mobile Banking Revolution

The perceptions of its bank customers have increasingly in their multichannel experience and “moments of truth” are based on those channels. The credibility and confidence in your bank is increasingly influenced by the perception generated in each contact, either in the call center or through mobile banking.

The customer is the one that today choose the channel or channels of the relationship with his bank. Your customer wants comfort and convenience. And the Bank that wants to survive in this turbulent environment must understand that power is today in the client.

Not so long ago, I was reading an IBM report about the new vision of the Multi-channel Banking. I could read there, that the average level of satisfaction regarding the quality of service, ease of use and the level of product and services information was 71.3% with ATMs, a 71.2% with Internet banking, 65.1% with Branches, a 46.2 with Mobile banking, 41.9% with the Call center and 32.6 per cent with Social networks. There is a potential for significant improvement in the satisfaction of the different channels and especially in Mobile banking.

Those who lead the development of multi-channel banking have the formidable challenge, the opportunity to transform and improve our organizations, and orienting them towards excellence in their customer relationships. A multi-channel relationship perceived by the customer as a unique experience with its bank, regardless of the channel used.


Any comments on Ignaci’s views on Spain’s New Generation Banking?  In your opinion, is the popularity of Mobile Banking (and its convenience) the single biggest revolution the banking industry has known in the last few years? 

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Written by Ignasi Martín Morales

Electronic Banking Area Manager at CatalunyaCaixa. Ignasi leads the department of Multi-channel Sales and Development, the Center of multi-channel customer contact, the department of e-Commerce and Telentrada (ticketing business). It has a more- than-20-years management experience in retail banking, private banking and electronic banking. Passionate with the challenge of making your company in a true multi-channel bank, leader in quality of service and financial advice.

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