New Generation Banking Mobile Banking Revolution Spain

Spain’s New Generation Banking: Mobile Banking Revolution

Ignasi Martín Morales, CatalunyaCaixa’s Director of Electronic Banking, talks us through the new generation banking in Spain, led by the mobile banking revolution.

New Generation Banking Mobile Banking Revolution SpainOn 4th February 2012, we turned 5 on that date, I announced the launch of the ‘Visible Banking Stars‘ programme as well as the total redesign of  If you are interested in joining our exclusive group of guest bloggers -all bankers, insurers and financial services professionals working in digital / social media / innovation- I invite you to email us.

I am delighted to welcome our newest VB Star, Ignasi Martín Morales – Director Area Banca Electrónica en CatalunyaCaixa.

In his first article, Ignaci talks us through the already immense impact of mobile banking on the Spanish financial services industry, and shares his bank’s activity in the mobile space.


At the time of consider our strategy of mobile banking in CatalunyaCaixa, we analyze the situation of mobility in the World and in Spain.

This post addresses how electronic banking teams can drive mobile banking adoption by listening to their customers’ needs, focusing on helping customers achieve their goals, integrating mobile banking into wider multi-channel strategy.

First of all we need to know what the status of mobility in Spain is.

Spain, the country with more mobile phones
There were more mobile phone lines than inhabitants in Spain at the end of December 2011: 47.1 million by 56.2 million mobile lines. Amazing!

On the same date, Pew Research Center presented a study entitled Global Digital Communication: Texting, Social Networking Popular Worldwide based on the use of mobile phones in 21 countries around the world. In this study, Spain stands out as the country with the highest number of mobile phones. Exactly, 96% of Spanish citizens had a mobile terminal by 89 % of British, 88% of German and 85% of the French.

One of every two Spaniards have a Smartphone
According to the study Mobile Life published by TNS Spain in June 2012, 49% of Spaniards has a Smartphone.

On the other hand, in a report from the consulting firm comScore, Spain appears as the second country in Europe with more users of Smartphone behind Great Britain. This report ensures that 46.3% of Spanish mobile users use a Smartphone, by 46.9 per cent of British users. They are followed by Italy with a 40.4%, France with a 36.7%, and Germany with a 33%.

Not without my mobile
In the month of May, 2012, Google published a report entitled Our mobile planet. Two relevant data caught my attention:

  1. 68% of users do not leave home without their mobile phone.
  2. 25% would give up his television before giving up their mobile phone.

Look at this situation: We left home each morning with our car shot to get time to work. Halfway through the journey, you realize that you have forgotten the wallet with your money and credit cards at home. You say to yourself: “Doesn’t matter! I won’t go back home. I will ask 20 euros for lunch to John, my co-worker”.

However, if instead of letting our wallet, we would have left our Smartphone, we would come home quickly to look for it. Because we can’t live without our Smartphone!

The mobile phone has become essential: it’s always with me, always on, always connected!

It is “My mobile”. I personalize my mobile phone with “my” cover, “my” applications, “my” social networks. I develop my own mobile world: my mLife.

We use the smartphone anytime, anywhere
Mobile Planet Google Smartphone Usage Spain

Such is our passion for the Smartphone or Tablet that even we use it when we go to the bathroom.

To what more we connect is to electronic mails (68%), search engines (61%), followed by social networks (58%) and videos (38%).

Other relevant data from the study of TNS is that increasingly we use less mobile phone for the main function for which it was invented: call by phone.

Look at these data: Spain, 17% said that the function “Call” is used “less and less” and a 4% “almost never” call. We use the phone for several complementary things: social networks access, chat, search engines access, listen to music, take pictures, watch videos or play Tetris.

According to the study of Google, an owner of a Smartphone has an average of 19 apps installed on his mobile phone, of which the half of them has used in the last month and almost 1/3 part are “paid applications”.

The Spanish user is “multi”: multi-device, multi-tasking and multi-channel
The Spanish user wants more than the mobile. Use all kinds of devices with internet connection as long as you have a screen.

The culture of the screen has arrived. According to the study Mobile Life of TNS, the degree of penetration of the different devices in Spain is as follows: 99% have a mobile (smart or not), a 73% a laptop, 69% a desktop, 49% a smartphone, 23% a netbook and 14% a tablet. In all cases far above the European average and in the specific case of the Tablet, double the average. The Spaniards are Europeans with more technology and mobile devices.

In addition we are multi-tasking, i.e., we are able to use the phone while we are doing other things. I wonder what other things we do while we use the Smartphone?

Mobile Planet Google Smartphone Usage 2 SpainAnd do not let us forget that we are also multichannel. We start purchasing on mobile then just on the computer, or just purchasing in the physical store.

43%of respondents say that we are looking for a specific product on the mobile and just buying it in the computer and 27% said that it has just been buying in the physical store.

What do you think?

Written by Ignasi Martín Morales

Electronic Banking Area Manager at CatalunyaCaixa. Ignasi leads the department of Multi-channel Sales and Development, the Center of multi-channel customer contact, the department of e-Commerce and Telentrada (ticketing business). It has a more- than-20-years management experience in retail banking, private banking and electronic banking. Passionate with the challenge of making your company in a true multi-channel bank, leader in quality of service and financial advice.

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