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Social Business: IBM Verse Video Tutorials [#NewWayToWork]

Social Business IBM Verse Email Management

NewWayToWork. The highly anticipated IBM verse email client aiming to accelerate social business transformation and drive social collaboration is close to launch. Watch those 6 videos.

Social Business IBM Verse Email ManagementIBM Social Business has just published a series of YouTube videos.

Those six videos highlight some of the key features of IBM’s new approach to email management coupled with social collaboration, IBM Verse.

Social Business: IBM Verse video tutorials

You will find below the IBM verse videos from the IBM Social Business youtube channel.

1IBM Verse: How do you track your actions?

2IBM Verse: How do you track what you are waiting for?

3IBM Verse: How do you know whats next?

4IBM Verse: How do you prepare?

5IBM Verse: How do you share?

6IBM Verse: How do you search?

How much time do you waste every day at work on trying to manage your emails and keep track of actions agreed (or not) with your colleagues and clients?

I personally very much look forward to trying out IBM Verse: I truly believe this new way to work might very well help me, my colleagues and you to save time every day, foster collaboration and accelerate social business transformation at your organisation.

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