Social Banking Social Media Week London 2013

REGISTER: Social Banking & Social Customer Care Sessions at Social Media Week London 2013

During Social Media Week London 2013, Christophe Langlois will lead two sessions on social banking and social customer care in financial services hosted by the Social Partners.

Social Banking Social Media Week London 2013Most of you are aware that I joined the Social Partners -and the Grey / WPP family- at the beginning of the year.

I am delighted to confirm that I will lead not one but two of the nine sessions we will be hosting during the Social Media Week London 2013: social banking and social customer care in financial services.

Social Banking

We’re witnessing what’s potentially the most profound technology-driven transformation the banking industry has ever experienced. And social media is the really potent game-changer.

There’s no turning back: someone opened Pandora’s Box long ago, and it’s now time to get the basics right. People are now behaving differently when they bank, pay or manage their money. They don’t necessarily have the time or want to visit a branch and wait in line to do basic transactions. They desire more control, transparency and convenience: ‘couch banking’ is a real new trend – so, expect to hear much more about social media.

Register directly on eventbrite to attend my session live.  You can also follow the dedicated twitter hashtag (#smwSocialBank).

Social Customer Care in Financial Services

When it comes to the social media phenomenon, financial institutions overall are poorly advised. They focus too much on marketing and sales, and usually use the wrong KPIs to measure ‘success’. While it’s extremely rare now to find a bank or insurance firm without some kind of Facebook and Twitter presence, unfortunately it’s even rarer to find a financial institution which successfully leverages the unique specificities and benefits of those very different channels.

In the last 24-36 months, social customer care has rightly become one of the most popular applications by brands, including financial services firms. Chances are that people are already having daily conversations about your brand, good or bad. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to engage and, first, identify your most vocal brand ambassadors and increase customer acquisition and, second, turn your angry customers into your champions and increase retention.

Register directly on eventbrite to attend my session live.  You can also follow the dedicated twitter hashtag (#smwcustserv).

Full list of SMWLDN13 sessions hosted by the Social Partners

I invite you to find more information on our 7 unique events, including the dates and times, directly on our blog:

  • Future of video
  • Open Business: 21st Century Organisations
  • Big Conversationalists
  • The future bank is social, open & crowdsourced
  • Future of community
  • How social are financial service call centres today?
  • Mobile, Mapping, Local search. Can advanced new maps take the lead for brands and retailers?

Key speakers Social Media Week London 2013

Please find below a short selection of our top speakers:

I’m hoping I will catch up with many of my London-based Visible Banking readers next week. I very much look forward to sharing my views on social banking and social customer care in financial services with you.

Even though I can’t promise I’ll be able to fit everything, I invite you to send me the topics you’d like me to cover during my short Social Media Week sessions, as well as your questions, directly here or on twitter.

What do you think?

Written by Christophe Langlois

Based in London for almost a decade, Christophe is an entertaining fintech marketing keynote speaker and a trusted advisor to the global financial services industry on the topics of digital marketing, innovation and B2B social media.

Christophe has contributed to over 140 events in 18 countries.

Currently, Christophe is advising a number of fintech startups on marketing and growth hacking and he is the Chief Marketing Officer of The Fintech Power 50, an exclusive annual programme helping fintech scale-ups to accelerate their growth globally.

Christophe's views on are his own.

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