Social Media in Banking – Key News via Twitter: 22-28 February 2010

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In case you missed them, I listed and categorized some of my favourite tweets from last week (22-28 Feb) including my tweets and the ones I RTed.

I invite you to read three of my most recent posts: Guest Post #4 – Overview of Social Media and Banking in Spain (by Jesus Perez)The Impact of Social Media on The Robin Hood Tax Initiative, and my Visible Banking Twitter Watch #17. And please make sure your social media initiatives are included in my social media directory.

Twitter – Account Hacked

* Yesterday many twitter accnts got hacked. Banks like @first_direct were impacted. Find out why it isn’t such a big deal
* I received this DM from @VerityMom “This you????” ¦ @verityseattle @currencytim I think the acct has been #hacked
* @JoeWi Thx 4 commenting on hacking & twitter “key point 4me is monitor ur own twitter feed 2 check4 erroneous activity”
* Very excited 2 B live on @MichaelLibbie’s “Insight on Business” radio show Tune in! #banking #socialmedia

* @bbvaopentalent congrats 4 such a high level of participation! I suggest U create 2 twitter lists of #opentalent participants (2010 & 2009)?
* @Zopa Congrats 4 breaking the 500 follower mark. Catching up on @aplusk (4.5mil f) indeed + @LendingClub (1,147 f) & @ProsperLoans (2,977 f)
* @joseantoniogall Hola J! congrats 4 breaking the 1k follower mark on @Actibva ur following strategy worked out pretty well 😉 #finance #bbva
* Wlcm 2 @MCPriceless MasterCard’s new twitter accnt 2 support the #priceless initiative ¦ Good job @MasterCardNews @JimIssokson @Cherylguerin
* Curieux de connaitre le top 10 des comptes twitter de banques en France? #socialmedia w/ @CareersSocgen @BNPPARIBAS_NET
* Top 10 Spanish Banks on twitter: @CajaNavarra @actibva @Inversis @BancoSabadell @BankinterLabs … #socialmedia #VBTW

* Good post abt #banks responding 2 neg comments on the @NetBanker blog feat @askciti #CapitalOne @wazaroff #socialmedia
* @FinancialBrand good ? “sponsoring a blog vs producing content on ur own blog”? In that case @meritrustcu tried both 😉

* 22-28 Feb: 16 #financial #markets events in 5 countries ¦ Any1 speaking, attending or exhibiting? (via @FinRoad)
* This Y both @Finovate & @Net_Finance take place on May 11. I wonder how big the impact on Jim&Eric’s event? Which 1 will U attend?

Online Communities
* @currensee congrats 4 raising $8M in Series B -> International growth & advanced social analytics #forex #trading #social
* Adelaide Bank Launches the #community w/60 plans so far, @PlanBig + facebook #ideas #banking
* In Nov09, @usaa_News restricted access 2 its #crowdsourcing “What’s On Your Mind” Any1, any comments on the new feats?
* In #Banking, #Financial Services, #markets even online communities like #SeekingAlpha have their detractors: @seekingalphasuk (inactive)

* What’s the best way 2 increase ur fan base on facebook? Check @Trupanion’s #insurance blog #pets #contest #fun #pics

* @PlanBig wlcm 2 the #socialmedia space! Keen 2 see how ur community develop. Crowdsourcing is trendy, but what’s the Xtra REWARD 4 ur users?
->  @Visible_Banking thanks for the welcome. The extra reward is our focus on actual outcomes for our users, they can get the help they need (from @PlanBig)

* @Visible_Banking sorry i disagree. success lies in achieving/supporting strategic goals. it’s not about reward. that’s a tactic (from @cosmond)
-> 1st of all, what’s a fan in #banking or #insurance? “Success” in SM lies in ur ability 2 find the best way 2 REWARD ur users 4…
-> #socialmedia #success lies in ur ability 2 REWARD ur users 4 the time they spend visiting, contributing, promoting ur initiative…
-> 4 Key types of #REWARD in #socialmedia : 1. fun 2. contest 3. visibility 4. exclusive content (1&2 works better in B2C, 3&4 in B2B)
-> I agree w/U. Ideally, 1st ? companies should ask thmslvs is how they cld leverage socialmedia 2 achieve (which?) strategic goal(s)
-> @Visible_Banking good debating with you. i like your tweets. just wanted to pick up on this one (from @cosmond)

* @Visible_Banking i’d argue being hacked IS a big deal unless all DMs are deleted regularly. BOA asks customers submit identifiable info
-> @jason_dee agreed I made it clear on my blog #hacking isn’t a big deal as long as banks follow my advice #7 is a bonus!
-> @Visible_Banking ah i see what you were saying. i read it literally. good advice. i would add very frequent deletion of DMs thru the day

* @PressRoom_BBVA U R following @BBVAservicios. Could U pls confirm it is 1 of #BBVA ‘s offical #twitter accounts? @joseantoniogall?
-> @Visible_Banking it´s official but inactive. Just to secure the name 😉 (from @joseantoniogall)

* #BBVA Announces the 20 Finalists of @BBVAOpenTalent (320 projects 2,100 comments 125k votes) #innovation #banking
* IFAs, fancy winning a case of fine wine or a WII from @IgnisAM? Take the survey or play

Robin Hood Tax
* -Updated- #Socialmedia & the @RobinHood tax The #RHT facebook page added an outstanding 6,350 fans / day btw 15-23 Feb!
* 1,200+ tweeps show their support 2 the @RobinHood Tax by wearing a green mask via the @twibbon app #RHT #Socialmedia
* #RHT The infamous @RobinHood Tax video w/ Bill Nighy has already been viewed 300k+ times (950+ ratings, 640+ comments)

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Written by Christophe Langlois

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