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Social Insurance Customer Rates Esurance Facebook Page 8/10

Voice of the Customer. The Visible Banking team invited an insurance customer and social media user to review the Esurance facebook page.

If you are a regular reader of the Visible Banking blog, you know how keen I always am to find more valuable and insightful ways to cover social media in financial services.  We aim to provide the most comprehensive insights on twitter and facebook via our Visible Banking Twitter Watch and Visible Banking Facebook Watch where we track respectively over 3,000 accounts and over 1,500 pages in 88 countries.

In 2012, I was delighted to introduce the customer voices section where my team reach out to real banking or insurance customers based all over the world, with various levels of usage of social media (from occasional to super active).  We invite them to share their personal, unbiased feedback on some of the highest profile or most innovative social media activities and accounts from the global financial services industry.

You will find below Viki’s views on the Esurance facebook page (from early August 2013).


Esurance Facebook Page August 2013First off, many thanks to the Visible Banking team and in particular, to Christophe Langlois, for inviting me to share my personal opinions on the Esurance facebook page.

My review is from the perspective of a facebook user and it isn’t in any way influenced or subjected to partiality because of any request. I aim at giving it straight with no sugar coating at all.

The General Look And Feel – 8/10
The big and bright “e” logo of Esurance is the first thing that catches my attention.

Coupled with the US Open page header image, it does mislead me to believe that the page is more attuned towards sports than anything else.

However, the short intro right beneath the logo clearly states what Esurance is into – car insurance experience. Then there are the tabs to the right that are arranged in the usual Facebook page layout with short and precise headings.

Content – 10/10
This social media insurance company offers content based on their niche – car insurance. I also found that the page does share more than just their latest company updates.So, from trolls to videos many things are actually informative and educative while some are funny or quirky. Promotional content is limited and is mostly about the sweepstakes.

So did I learn anything? For a person who doesn’t drive a car, I did learn how to parallel park. Now if only I could learn how to shift gears too.

Engagement – 10/10
Content on the front page is arranged based on the latest to the oldest with a healthy interaction between customers, fans and Esurance. For instance, the latest update with the Bryant brothers has a visitor asking if they are twins and Esurance takes the pain to reply back to such trivial questions Customers are thanked regularly, their queries are resolved and responses are thought out, researched and helpful.

The Esurance facebook page also allows members or rather customers to post on the page to which they comment and add content helping people spread awareness or even enjoy a troll.

Tabs – 9/10
I would have loved to give it a 10 by 10 if it did not have two empty tabs to the end which looks odd on the home page. As for individual tabs, here is my review for every single one of them.

US Open Sweeps – 7/10
While the sweepstakes is a nice way to get people to visit the site more often and probably helps them increase their customer base, I felt it was misleading since it gave me the impression they are trying to buy my vote of confidence on their Facebook page. Granted everyone does it but you don’t have to say that you may have to like the page to enter the sweepstakes. I would have loved to like their page and spread awareness if they did not mention that.

Esurance Facebook App Social Media Team August 2013Meet Esurance – 10/10
This is my favorite page. It seems the Esurance facebook page wants its customers and followers to meet a new member every now and then. I learnt of a bright young lady during my review and it was fun to see what she loved and liked doing away from her professional life. This is definitely an awesome page.


Wall Etiquette – 8/10
My reason to detract a few points here is because the tab is totally different from the overall language and theme of the Esurance facebook page. Granted that you ideally want to let you readers and fans understand the ground rules of interacting on your page but you could make it look and sound more like the rest of the page.

Esurance Facebook App Careers August 2013Careers – 10/10
This is an excellent place to find out about openings in Esurance. Seems this Social media insurance page is more than just a meeting ground for customers and employees. It is a way to become an employee for Esurance as well as learn what the company needs now. I hope more company facebook pages had this section so well detailed and regularly updated.

Connect – 8/10
Obviously an easy to understand page, it lets you connect further with Esurance through its blog, circles, Twitter account and more. This is a good thing but a little more info or rather a preview would have been nice.

My Overall Rating – 8/10
I would give the Esurance facebook page an excellent overall review for its simple layout, regular updates, high level of customer interaction and the sweepstakes allure. Would I continue to like the page and help share it among my circle of friends? Hell yeah! Would I prefer them as my choice for car insurance? Yes I would just judging by what I saw on the Esurance facebook page.

My suggestions
The front page itself doesn’t lack in anything although the tabs could do with a bit of work. For instance, I would have loved to see previous updates on the Meet Esurance page instead of just the present employee. And as far as content goes the Esurance facebook page does an excellent job. But for me, a little more insight into car insurance itself would have been nice. Even news stories related to car insurance would be great.

About the author
Viki is a Post Graduate Student in the 22 – 34 age range, using social media (especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) on daily basis.


Have you visited the Esurance facebook page?  If yes, do you share Viki’s views?  We invite you to tell us what an insurance company should do to successfully engage with you on facebook.  Join the conversation here or on twitter.

What do you think?

Written by a Real Customer

The Visible Banking Team uses this account to post articles from real banking or insurance customers. No social media gurus. Just real customers who share an honest and transparent feedback (positive or negative).

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