ICICI Bank Facebook Page August 2013

Social Banking Customer Rates ICICI Bank Facebook Page 6/10

Social media banking. The Visible Banking team invited a banking customer and social media user to review the ICICI Bank facebook page.

If you are a regular reader of the Visible Banking blog, you know how keen I always am to find more valuable and insightful ways to cover social media in financial services.  We aim to provide the most comprehensive insights on twitter and facebook via our Visible Banking Twitter Watch and Visible Banking Facebook Watch where we track respectively over 3,000 accounts and over 1,500 pages in 88 countries.

In 2012, I was delighted to introduce the customer voices section where my team reach out to real banking or insurance customers based all over the world, with various levels of usage of social media (from occasional to super active).  We invite them to share their personal, unbiased feedback on some of the highest profile or most innovative social media activities and accounts from the global financial services industry.

You will find below Viki’s views on the ICICI Bank facebook page (from early August 2013).


ICICI Bank Facebook Page August 2013I would like to thank Christophe Langlois and the Visible Banking team for giving me this opportunity to air my personal experience on using the ICICI Bank facebook page.

Being a long time customer of ICICI bank, my review is not only from the perspective of a Facebook user but is also with regards to my overall experience with this bank.

The General Look And Feel – 7/10
The moment the ICICI facebook page opens up, you get the usual moto of ICICI against a backdrop of a happy father e-banking on ICICI portal.

Right below this header image is the ICICI logo with a short intro for the bank, which is actually more of a directive to the page users rather than being an intro. I found this odd but after reviewing the entire page and all its content, it made a lot of sense. So, basically, I would like to have seen a proper introduction of the bank itself rather than a directive not to post support issues or queries on the page.

Content – 6/10
This social media banking page seems to be at a loss for useful or meaningful content. Every single post or update is actually more of an advertisement and a brochure rather than informative content. Where they could have given information about their cards, loans and other services, they chose to give out large pictorial advertisements. Worse still is that ICICI customers use the same wall posts to air their complaints, which is probably because there isn’t a separate page for the Facebook portal to air such views.

Engagement – 8/10
Majority of reader and visitor comments are complaints and issues with ICICI bank. This is alarming considering how it is supposedly one of the leading private sector banks of India, with branches available globally. At least, the ICICI facebook page does respond back promptly to such queries requesting them to contact customer care and helping wherever possible. Unfortunately, many of the complaints are repetitive on the wall which leads me to believe that the engagement from the bank is superficial and isn’t customer centric.

Tabs – 6/10
Nothing much in the tabs section actually does talk or help with banking or bettering your experience with the bank.

ICICI Bank Facebook App Your Bank Account Social BankingYour Bank Account – 7/10
This is the Facebook page for the social banking initiative by ICICI that gives visitors an idea of what they can expect with the mobile app, named as ICICI Bank App. I liked the short and concise information given on the page but it isn’t really a helpful page as I suspect there is more to it than meets the eye.


ICICI Bank Facebook App Game 1 minute challenge1 Minute Challenge – 10/10
An awesome quiz or rather interactive challenge that keeps readers interested on the page. While not particularly helpful or informative in any way, the quiz does encourage reader interaction with the page, which is why I rate it a perfect 10 out of 10.

ICICI Bank Facebook App Fan of the monthFan Of The Month – 3/10
I have seen many innovative ways that Facebook pages try to get likes from visitors but this is the most mundane and obviously irritating way to get more likes. Asking someone to like the ICICI facebook page just so that they can be voted as the Fan Of the Month! No wonder the page doesn’t yet have an actual Facebook user who is a fan of the month because it is just to hoodwink users into liking a page that has got too many disgruntled customers.

ICICI Bank Facebook App Share Your Travel StoryShare Your Travel Story – 8/10
A good example of social media banking, Share Your Travel Story page actually does look like a nice initiative to naturally get people talking about the bank and its features. I would for one love sharing my travel story if ICICI figured into it. However, why isn’t there any stories on the page and just a tab that asks to share your story?


Offer Zone– 10/10
The only page on the ICICI Facebook page that I believe deserves a 10 by 10 rating because of its precise information and usefulness.

iWish – 3/10
Another spammy page with the only purpose to gather more likes from visitors.

Personality Quiz – 9/10
This page gives visitors a quick quiz designed to find out their money spending patterns and inclinations. It was fun playing it.

iArena – 0/10
The iArena page did not open up at all for me even after repeated tries so 0 points out of 10 for that!

My Overall Rating – 6/10
In my opinion, the ICICI facebook page is at best a complaint portal for their users, which seems to be gathering a lot of negative vibe from visitors too. If the page doesn’t update its look, change its offerings online and tidy up its internal problems, I don’t see how they can continue getting new customers from the facebook page alone. I for one, having been an ICICI customer, will never again bank with them if their facebook page shows me so many complaints, some of which I too have personally faced.

My Suggestions
Maybe it is time ICICI changed up the front page, added actual services and benefits that their bank offers than advertisements. It might get people more interested and least bothered with complaints. As for the tabs, why keep so many useless tabs in the first place? Better to have just three or four meaningful tabs than 10 that really don’t say much. And, please do remove the blatant Like tabs that bargain with visitors for a like in lieu of potential information.

About the author
Viki is a Post Graduate Student in the 22 – 34 age range, using social media (especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) on daily basis.


Earlier this year, ICICI became one of the pioneers in social banking when they started to provide access to online banking via a secure app within facebook.

Have you ever visited the ICICI Bank facebook page?  If so, do you share Viki’s views?  We invite you to tell us what a bank should do to successfully engage with you on facebook.

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Written by a Real Customer

The Visible Banking Team uses this account to post articles from real banking or insurance customers. No social media gurus. Just real customers who share an honest and transparent feedback (positive or negative).

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