Barclays Bank UK Facebook Page August 2013

Social Banking Customer Rates Barclays Bank Facebook Page 6/10

Voice of the Customer. The Visible Banking team invited a banking customer and social media user to review the Barclays Bank UK facebook page.

If you are a regular reader of the Visible Banking blog, you know how keen I always am to find more valuable and insightful ways to cover social media in financial services.  We aim to provide the most comprehensive insights on twitter and facebook via our Visible Banking Twitter Watch and Visible Banking Facebook Watch where we track respectively over 3,000 accounts and over 1,500 pages in 88 countries.

In 2012, I was delighted to introduce the customer voices section where my team reach out to real banking or insurance customers based all over the world, with various levels of usage of social media (from occasional to super active).  We invite them to share their personal, unbiased feedback on some of the highest profile or most innovative social media activities and accounts from the global financial services industry.

You will find below Kevin’s views on the Barclays UK facebook page (from early August 2013).


Barclays Bank UK Facebook Page August 2013Christophe Langlois and his Visible Banking team have invited me to share my personal views and opinions on the Barclays UK Facebook page.

Although I am a social media expert, I am also a banking customer, so I will share my opinion as a user of Facebook in this instance.

The Barclays Facebook page is pleasantly designed with a number of blue-orientated pastel colours and a nice photo of two canaries in a cage.

This was a friendly image being used as the cover photo and not one you would normally expect with a banking corporation. Social media banking has to have a friendly image because it needs to engage with a public that has learned to distrust such organizations and the Barclays UK Facebook page sets out to do this.


In the tabs I had noticed that one of the headers entitled “House Rules” did not work properly. When a user clicks on this tab you are greeted with the message “The server closed the connection without sending any data” and this was attempted three times.

Barclays Bank Facebook App Football Quiz August 2013The pre-season quiz tab was working fine but to join in on the quiz you have to “like” the Barclays Facebook page first. It had advertised that winners could win two tickets to watch any Barclays Premier League football match of their choice and hinted of several runners up prizes on offer too, although these prizes were not mentioned. It did notice too many responses from the social media banking site’s administrators after some people had posted comments. Many of the comments were actual complaints about account issues they had received.

Barclays Bank Facebook Customer Comments August 2013I did scroll down through the “Comment and Posts by Others” section and noticed that for the most part Barclays UK had failed to respond to many of the comments; however, I am not going to judge to harshly as I noticed there was a reply late on Friday afternoon and one cannot expect this section to be a 24/7 reply line.


Most of the photos in the Barclays Facebook page were stock photos taken of business people (men and women) chatting on mobile phones, playing sport like tennis or golf and images of Barclays Bank signs. Nothing really here stood out as amazing and if anything it was the kind of thing you see day in day out at a bus shelter and barely notice or register.

The Barclays Bank Facebook page is open for comments and the ratings I would give for the tabs are as follows:

  • Pre-season Quiz = 5 out of 10
  • House rules = 0 out of 10 (not working)
  • Images/ Photos = 6 out of 10 (mainly stock images)

Overall I would give the page a 6 out of 10 score.  What Barclays UK could do to entice me to bank with them is to engage with their customers on a more one to one basis (including private messaging if necessary).

About the author
Kevin is a UK citizen in the 35-44 age group working in web design.


Have you ever visited the Barclays UK facebook page?  If yes, do you share Kevin’s views?  We invite you to tell us what a bank should do to successfully engage with you on facebook.  Join the conversation here or on twitter.

What do you think?

Written by a Real Customer

The Visible Banking Team uses this account to post articles from real banking or insurance customers. No social media gurus. Just real customers who share an honest and transparent feedback (positive or negative).

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